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Warning: This RelEng page is obsolete!
Get in touch with armenzg if you believe there is some information missing or it is unclear.

This page tries to capture how much there is left for each new platform to meet the desired requirements.

Desktop builds


  • First request
    • Linux 64 - 5 VMs for try and 15 for try talos (Rev 2 - BLOCKED)
    • OSX 10.6 - 10 Rev2 (from pm02]) for try and 15 for try talos (Rev 2 - BLOCKED)
    • Remember that we also have the "try talos on Rev3" project to consider
    • Windows 64 bit - Blocked on IT
  • Windows 64 bit
    • decide which OS(probably Win2008)
      • OPSI considerations (co-founding? - we have license so it might not apply)
      • possibility of future cross-compilation of 32 bit builds
      • think of starting with ix machines
      • test OPSI and ping bhearsum when building the reference platform
    • NEEDED: builders, try builders and try talos builders
    • talos/unittest builders (We already have them. Testing 32bit builds. More Rev3 machines for this)

Latest updates

  • We are now running unit tests for mozilla-central on talos slaves for Leopard, Snow Leopard, Fedora and Fedora 64.

Builds VS unit tests/talos

We currently generate builds in 4 different platforms and talos test the builds on 6 different platforms (Win7x64 on Q2).

Produced Unit tests Talos
Win32 (W2003 + win7 SDK) XP (June) & Win7(July) XP/Win7 & Win7x64 (not yet)
Linux 32 bits Fedora12 & CentOS Fedora12
Linux 64 bits Fedora12x64 Fedora12x64
Mac OSX 32 bits (universal) Leopard Leopard, Snow 
Mac OSX 64 bits (64 bits) Snow Snow
  • The Snow Leopard machines are 64 bits.
  • We will add a row for Windows 64 bits when we get closer.
  • Shaver made the call to just talos test the 64 bits builds on the 64 bits machines. This might change later. See bug 557910

Coverage table

O.S. Tracking Builds Debug Release RefImg Try Unit test Talos TBPL
Linux 64 bug yes yes alphas done May done done done
Mac 10.6x64 bug done done alphas
done May ironing done done
Win7 64 bug blocked on IT --- --- TBD TBD TBD TBD not filed

Mobile builds

NOTE: This mobile section needs some TLC.
Armen is not taking care of this section for now. Please ask him if he could bring this up-to-date if you need to make decisions based on this.


O.S. Tracking Builds L10n Release Try Unit test Talos
Maemo 4 (N810 & N900) on-going yes yes yes not quite (no bug filed) yes yes
Maemo 5 GTK on-going April Q2 Q2 waiting on builds waiting on builds waiting on builds
Maemo5 QT on-going April Q2 TBD waiting on builds waiting on builds waiting on builds
Android Q2 May Q3/Q4 same time as builds devices-needed devices-needed Q2
  • Is Android == 2.1 sdk or do we need to expand it for 1.5 and/or 2.0 also?