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Warning: This RelEng page is obsolete!
RelEng doesn't use BuildBot anymore.

What is slave health?

Slave health is a web tool used by releng, specifically ciduty, to monitor and affect the health of the various slave pools.


Slave health is deployed on cruncher under /home/buildduty/slave_health

There are currently two cronjobs on cruncher that correspond to slave health:

#m   h     d   mth   dow
*/15  *    *   *     *   /home/buildduty/slave_health/
15    0    *   *     *   source /home/buildduty/buildduty/bin/activate && \
  python /home/buildduty/slave_health/slave_health/scripts/

/home/buildduty/slave_health/ should be copied from /home/buildduty/slave_health/slave_health/scripts on when the script is updated in version control.

CiDuty Report

We also stick the CiDuty report under slave health, however its not generated from the slave health repo.

It is run from cron with:

#m   h     d   mth   dow
1     5-18 *   *     1-5 /home/buildduty/buildduty/

The related files are in braindump at: