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Special branches

Release Engineering and the A-Team have various project branches booked permanently for various reasons:

  • Cedar - where we enable test jobs that are still failing


Merging m-c into Cedar

We can merge the latest m-c code into cedar to:

  • compare latest unittest results + talos numbers between m-c buildbot tests and cedar mozharness tests
  • get new cedar builds for testing

To do this:

# Get a copy of cedar
hg clone

cd cedar

# Update to latest, in case someone has updated cedar since you last cloned/updated.
# the hg up -C will blow away any local changes!
hg pull
hg up -C -r default

# Pull latest m-c changes in
hg pull
hg merge
hg commit -m "Merge m-c -> cedar"

# Push to cedar
hg push ssh://

Results will show up here.

Viewing logs

Jobs will show up on tbpl as they finish.

To view logs

  • click on the job on the right
  • find "View full log" at the bottom left of the page; click

Known issues are filed against the two tracking bugs:

  • bug 713055 - roll out mozharness desktop talos to m-c and project branches
  • bug 793022 - roll out mozharness desktop unittests to m-c and project branches

If you find new issues, please file a bug blocking one or both bugs.

Retriggering jobs

  • Go to tbpl
  • Click on the job in question
  • The plus sign in the bottom left will retry the job.

Each of these will pull the latest-and-greatest from mozharness, so if you checked a fix in, you can re-run the broken tests.

Adding additional tests to Cedar

If we want to readd tpaint once bug 794587 is fixed:

If we want to add another test type, e.g. marionette, to cedar: