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AutomaticProvisioning is the umbrella project for supporting dynamic provisioning of systems within the releng infrastructure. This will include hosts with all supported operating systems (Windows, OS X, and Linux) on a variety of hardware and virtualization platforms (server hardware, Macs, VMware, AWS) as well as mobile testing hardware such as panda boards and tegras.

This is the infrastructure sister project to TaskCluster. Both fall under a larger initiative to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of building and testing for Firefox and Firefox OS.

Two other related but out-of-scope projects are:

  • Direct Connection to Amazon
  • Deploying a local Blob Storage engine


Status Meetings


(tentative of course)


  • Be able to provision Linux instances on a single 4-node iX server chassis via an API call
    • No automatic support for creating images
    • No support for changing VLANs (but planning for this is underway)



  • look at provisioning tools / cloud stacks -- jake/dustin
  • moving things out of GPO and into puppet or MDT (difficult with Win8 - registration of default browsers is domain-only) --Q
  • continue with puppet on windows, with different focus (puppet doesn't run on prod instances) --mark
  • plan for VLAN changes, but no implementation this quarter --adam