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General Firefox 3.0.8 Test Plan

This is the basic set of tests we run for every security & maintenance release.

Description of Release

3.0.8 is a chemspill, accelerated, release. It will have a minimal change set from 3.0.7. All fixes that were intended for 3.0.8, before the vulnerabilities were known, will land in a to-be-released 3.0.9.

Specific Test Plan for this Release

We need to make sure the bugs that prompted this chemspill are verified fixed.


The patches fix the issues in question and are sufficiently robust, and no other problems are found as a result of this.

Current Tasks

  • Ongoing: Done


This is an estimated schedule as a normal security release.

  • Tree opens: March 26 (as needed)
  • Code freeze: March 26 (wee hours of the morning)
  • QA starts: March 26
  • Builds start: March 26
  • QA with builds start: March 26
    • Smoketests: March 26 - 2 people
    • BFTs: 3/26 - 3/27 - 2 people
    • l10n Testing: November 3/27 - 2 people
    • Betatest & Beta Channel Testing: We won't have a beta period for this release.
  • Release to beta channel: No beta period.
    • Releasetest & Release Channel Testing: targeted for 3/27
  • Final release: 3/27

Test Assignments:

  • Smoketests, BFT
    • juanb
    • tracy
  • l10n Testing
    • juanb
    • tracy
  • Betatest/Beta updates - NA
  • Releasetest/Release updates
    • juanb
    • tracy


Test Results

Firefox 3.0.8 Build 1
Smoketests Team PASS
l10n Team PASS

Bug Verifications

When you verify the bug is fixed:


  • If you don't see an easy way to verify or need further clarification add a comment to the bug or add "[needs testcase]" (without quotes) to the bug's Status Whiteboard.

Target Bugs to Verify

Check the link for verified or unverified bugs above for details.

Dependent Bugs to Verify