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Tracking document for the release of Firefox 3.1 Beta 1. See also:


  • Overall lead: beltzner/ss
  • Dev lead: beltzner
  • Build lead: bhearsum
  • QA lead: tchung
  • Web lead: beltzner/ss

Development Work Remaining

Fix regressions

  • bug 364315 - Landed on October 1st. Since the landing, Talos boxes have been randomly turning orange due to crashes. As far as anyone can tell, no users have been hitting these crashes, which means no stacks, which is making the regression extremely hard to track down.
  • bug 458047 (declared non-regression Oct 2nd)
  • bug 458068 - SVG fill="none" behaves as black (breaks gmaps) (fixed Oct 6th)
  • bug 458065 - Windows Txul/Tdhtml regression, afternoon of 2008-09-29 (deferred until post-beta)
  • bug 454324 - Crash when selection-less items are dragged [@ nsINode::GetCurrentDoc()] (fixed Oct 6th)
  • bug 458135 - crash when no geolocation services are available

Land the following

Release Tracking & Schedule

step date status
code freeze September 30th 11:59pm PDT complete
tag for build
changeset: 197f83ad7678
October 7th, 9:05am PDT complete
en-US builds generated  ? complete
l10n builds generated (using these changesets)  ? complete
QA tests


October 14th, 12:55am complete
release notes, first run pages on www-trunk.stage.m.c
Tuesday, Oct 14, 10:30am complete
all-beta download page on www-trunk.stage.m.c
Tuesday, Oct 14, 10:30am complete
QA tests website changes on trunk Tuesday, Oct 14, 11:18am complete
release & announce phase
website changes pushed to www.stage.m.c
release notes & first run pages pushed live
builds pushed to mirrors
QA tests bouncer links on www.stage
QA verifies updates on releasetest channel (really a bouncer test), and web pages
all-beta download page pushed live Tues, Oct 14, 13:32 complete
QA verifies bouncer links complete
build enables updates on beta channel complete
QA verifies updates on beta channel Oct 14, 3:10pm complete
release announced