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Firefox 3.7 (1.9.3) Alpha 1 Testplan

Description of Release

This is the first alpha release of 3.7 (1.9.3). As such, we will go through a minimal QA cycle.

Specific Plan Alpha 1

Nothing specific. Make sure it launches properly and that there are no major problems with basic functionality. This release will be en-US only and will not have any branding.


We will run through basic spot-checks, Litmus smoketests, across platforms as soon as builds are available.

  • Code Freeze: 2/5
  • Builds Start: 2/8
  • QA (Smoketests): 2/8-2/9 - 3 people
  • Signoff: 2/9


  • Smoketests: Half a day - 1 to 3 people


You can find the builds here:

Fixed bugs

Test Results

Focus Areas

This page tracks what landed for this alpha:

Broadly, out of process plugins was pref'd off for alpha1.

  • note: java plugin support is disabled on mac.
  • (mac) some lightweight themes can now extend image into title bar.