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Fx 4 RC Test Plan

Top Sites Testing

Tomcat runs an automated test suite that checks for crashes on page load for the top 20k sites on an on-going basis. When there's a problem it's usually a crasher bug and Tomcat files those.

See also and see Tomcat for question/inquiries about a run for you!

  • For beta 10, 11, 12 and RC we ran a series of tests using top sites in different categories, like banking, social sites, news, entertainment, video sites, etc... bugs were filed against issues and existing issues were noted. There's nothing outstanding from those reports. These tests were run by uTest and the roll-up for those results can be found here.
  • We also ran a couple of events during Cantina afternoons and while we found a few issues, none of those bubbled up. We tested social games, Zynga, as well as popular video sites. Issues found during testing at cantinas.

Round-up From uTest

Overall roundup.

Test Cycle - URL Web Test

  • Objective - Test FF4b against the most commonly used websites on the Internet as listed from
  • Testing Docs

Test Cycle - Financial URL Web Test

  • Objective: Use the most common financial websites as provided by the availability and testability of the community. Important items to test daily use items/tasks, transactions, correctness of display, and signup (where applicable or possible).
  • Testing Docs

Test Cycle - Media/Gaming URL Web Test

  • Objective - Establishing what some of the most popular gaming and entertainment websites are, testers were directed to focus their attention on the “experience” as they played games, watched movies, and consumed bits of social media.
  • Testing Docs

Test Cycle - Flash/Silverlight/Plugin URL Test

  • Objective - Using the latest available plugins from Adobe (Flash/Shockwave) and Microsoft (Silverlight), the objective is to test sites that are rely heavily on this plugins to function and/or exist. Not only correct functionality and usability was tested, FF4 performance and reliability was also monitored during these tests.
  • Testing Docs