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Fx 4b10 Test Plan

Top Addons Testing

We usually spot check a few top add-ons to make sure their interaction with the browser doesn't cause serious problems. Please check the detailed compatibility report and test the top 20 add-ons that are already compatible with Firefox 4.0x. Just make sure sure you are able to install and launch the browser for a basic spot check.

  1. See link above
  2. Click on View Compatibility Report
  3. Click on View Detailed Report
  4. Go one by one installing the top 20 add-ons that show 4.0x compatibility

Prioritize, try Windows XP/7 builds first.

Windows XP (juanb)

  1. Adblock
  2. NosScript
  3. Addon Compatibility Reporter
  4. DownThemAll
  5. Test Pilot
  • Result: Pass
  • Notes: I used the extensions listed above, and did a quick spot check of the browser's functionality as well as the extensions' functionality and there were no problems. I was able to see bug 628173 when using Panorama, but I am not sure if that had anything to do the extensions.

Mac (marcia)

  1. Adblock
  2. NosScript
  3. Addon Compatibility Reporter
  4. Firebug (development version)
  5. ...

Linux (juanb)

  1. Adblock Plus
  2. DownloadHelper
  3. Feedback
  4. Ghostery
  5. Read It Later
  • Result: Pass
  • Notes: Ran a basic spotcheck on the browser and the extension functinality and made sure nothing was obviously broken.