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Firefox 4 Test Plan

Firefox 4 Beta 10 Testplan

Coordinating QA: juanb in, If not around, contact: mevans,; tchung, Or ping someone in #qa

Description of Release

This is the latest beta version of Firefox 4. It has a large number of fixes in many areas of the browser, with a lot of hard blockers for the release.

Specific Plan Beta 10

We will run smoketests and BFTs using Mozmill, and we will complement those with manual checks. Bug verifications or testing around fixes have been ongoing with an emphasis on "hardblocker" bugs. We'll run FFTs on several focus areas as we approach code freeze and candidate builds. We will pay close attention to crash stats and other feedback mechanisms.


We will run through Litmus smoketests, BFTs, and updates checks. We'll focus on regression testing.

  • Code Freeze: Jan 21
  • Builds Start: Jan 21
  • QA: Jan 21-24 (estimate)
    • Smoketests and BFTs using Mozmill: (1 person) - Jan 21
    • Manual smoketests, BFT areas, and Other OS Spot Checks: Jan 21-22 (3 people)
    • Testday: Not scheduled for this cycle.
    • Top Sites Functionality and Page Load Testing: Before Jan 24 (1 people)
    • Updates checks: Jan 21-22 and 25 (1 person)
      • Manual spot checks as necessary


Builds for all beta 10 candidates can be found here:

Test Results

Build 1 (Current)

Focus Areas

  • Sync
  • Panorama
  • Places (Bookmarks and History)
  • Graphics
  • Add-ons Manager
  • ...