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Fx 4b11 Test Plan


MarcoZ and dbolter test accessibility in an on-going basis and the bring up issues during the platform meetings and through bug nominations. If there's a serious bug that doesn't get traction he usually relays it to the QA team and we try to work with them.

Testing for Beta 11

During this cycle an MarcoZ found an issue in the accessibility area which in his opinion required a re-spin. A fix came in right away and he tested a patched build for a day with no further problems found: bug 631160. The fix was verified in build3.

There was also a fix that was backed out, see bug 628410, because it broke the add-on builder, and there was a fix that went in opportunistically which addressed a crash bug 630841 that could be easily triggered in Linux with Gnome with accessibility features enabled while using Panorama.