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4.0 Beta 12 Test Plan

L10n Spot Checks (Mozilla QA)

Starting beta 11 we started running the automated basic functional tests (BFTs) using Mozmill on almost all localized builds. You can see some preliminary results here. The test suite is still being stabilized as there are a few false positives which are being investigated which could be due to problems with Mozmill itself. For now you can sort by platform and check Windows 32 bit results.

During this run nothing serious has been found. See report.

Henrik signed-off using the Mozmill automation on Feb 24.

Community Spot Checks

If you would like to help run spot checks on a localized build of your choice, please enter your results in this section.

If you file a bug, please add "[4b12]" without the quotes on the Whiteboard field so we can query the bugs filed during this testing cycle.

Windows 7 (gmontagu)

  • Locale: es-AR
  • Date: Feb 24, 2011
  • Result: PASS - verbal notification
  • Build ID:
  • Notes:

Other Platforms

  • Locale:
  • Date:
  • Result:
  • Notes: