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Firefox 4 Test Plan

Firefox 4 Beta 7 Testplan

Coordinating QA: juanb in, If not around, contact: mevans,; tchung, Or ping someone in #qa

Description of Release

This is the latest beta version of Firefox 4. Some of the more notable changes include revisions in:

  • Theme
  • OpenGL
  • Add-ons Manager
  • Addition of Bing Search Engine and removal of answers and cc bug 603298
  • Panorama
  • Plugins
  • JS
  • And a ton of stuff that has been baking on trunk since the last beta.

Specific Plan Beta 7

We will run smoketests and BFTs using Mozmill, and completement them with manual checks. We will focus on new bugs filed against the latest nightly, and we'll monitor crash-stats. For the past several weeks we have been testing continuously several areas of focus, and we've run BFTs on XP and Win7 (as of yesterday, 11/03).

We'll include a testday on Friday focusing on web compatibility testing that will include browsing popular sites and exercising their functionality.


We will run through Litmus smoketests, BFTs, and updates checks. We'll focus on features landed for Beta 7. After a few weeks of churn and non-starts:

  • Code Freeze: 11/04
  • Builds Start: 11/04
  • QA: 11/04 - 11/09 (estimate)
    • Smoketests and BFTs using Mozmill: (1 person)
    • Manual smoketests, BFT areas, and Other OS Spot Checks: 11/04-11/09 (3 people)
    • Testday: 11/05 (3 people monitoring)
    • Accessibility: On-going (1 person)
    • Top Sites Functionality and Page Load Testing: Before 11/09 (1 people)
    • Updates checks: Before 11/09 (1 person)
      • Manual spot checks as necessary


Builds for all beta 7 candidates can be found here:

Test Results

Build 1 (Current)

Focus Areas

See the feature area testing section.