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Firefox 4 Testplan

Firefox 4, no code name yet, will be the next major release of Firefox scheduled to be released, tentatively, sometime before the end of the year. The scope for this release is in flux, but Mike Beltzner has presented the vision for Firefox 4 to the community through the Mozilla blog.

Milestone Test Results

Mozilla Developer Preview releases are built off of the 3.7 trunk, which is why their designation is 3.7AlphaX. The first beta built off of this will bear the Firefox 4 designation.

Milestone Status ETA/Ship Date
4.0 Beta 12 in progress
4.0 Beta 11 done February 8, 2011
4.0 Beta 10 done January 25, 2011
4.0 Beta 9 done January 14, 2011
4.0 Beta 8 done December 22
4.0 Beta 7 done November 10
4.0 Beta 6 Done September 14
4.0 Beta 5 Done September 7
4.0 Beta 4 Done August 24
4.0 Beta 3 Done August 11
4.0 Beta 2 Done July 27
4.0 Beta 1 Done July 6
3.7 Alpha 5 Done June 14
3.7 Alpha 4 Done April 12
3.7 Alpha 3 Done March 16
3.7 Alpha 2 Done Last week of Feb Alpha 1 Done Feb 9

Firefox 4 Feature Highlights

List the major features for Firefox 4 such as:

  • HTML5
  • WebM
  • New Theme
  • Faster JS engine
  • Panorama
  • Too many to list!

Requirements and QA Planning

Most of the work for Firefox 4 is being done in the form of sprints/projects. You will find links to the features documentation and landing targets here:

We will hold test plan brainstorming and review sessions with the developers in charge of the features. Ideally, the developer will explain the feature to a small group of QA people, and we'll have a chance to brainstorm test cases with them. If you own a feature, make sure to schedule a session with the developer; make it public to engage community members who might be interested in participating.

Feature Test Plans and Status

Feature test plans and their status is being tracked in the following spreadsheet which is a super set of the features listed i the sections below. Firefox 4 feature tracking spreadsheet. If your feature is not listed below, please add it in the appropriate section.

Note: All feature test plans should use the following Feature Test Plan Template

Platform Components:

Feature Test Plan Specs Target Tracking Bug(s) Contact QA State
NPAPI:CocoaEventModel test plan Cocoa NPAPI Event Model
Beta 1 bug 435041
QA: marcia
Dev: josh
Have been testing JavaPlugin2 and Flash 10.1 on Mac OS X 10.6. Some bugs have been reported.
websockets test plan Web Sockets Beta 1 tracking bugs QA: mevans
Dev: smaug
Retained Layers Test Plan Retained Layers Beta 2 tracking bugs QA: marcia
Dev: roc
Landed and flushing out bugs
OOPP oopp test plan Electrolysis Wiki
(blog), (UI blog1), (UI blog2), (notes)
Alpha 2
bug 478976, bug 539055, bug 538910, bug 550293, bug 550303, bug 550293 QA: juanb, tchung , marcia
Dev: bsmedberg, dolske
6/24: Still waiting for Mac crash reporting to be hooked up. bug 559228 currently unowned.
Fixed OOPP bugs since 1/1/2010
Meta Bugs
Direct2D Test Plan Direct2D project page?

Enabled by default on Windows in B5

bug 549116 QA: marcia, jgriffin
Dev: Bas
Last test day was 7/23. We never had one following that date.
test plan Places query API redesign Firefox 4? bug 522572, bug 534983, bug 543888 QA: ashughes
Dev: Marco Bornardo
STALLED (June 24, 2010)
test plan Async places containers Firefox 4? bug 490714 QA: ashughes
Dev: adw
STALLED (June 24, 2010)
test plan link Startup time improvements Landed? tracking bugs? QA: retornam
Dev: dietrich
test plan link IO reduction Beta X
tracking bugs? QA: mw22
Dev: sdwilsh
test plan link Stabilize Jetpack API Beta X tracking bugs? QA: tchung
Dev: adw
API's only. no UI to test at this time. An IDE is in the works (spoke with adw 3/3/2010)
Resource packages test plan Resource packages Beta X
bug 529208 QA: mw22
Dev: vlad, limi
test plan link Jaeger Monkey Beta X
tracking bugs QA: Unassigned, Dev: dmandelin Active
html5 test plan html5   Alpha 5 bug 373864 QA: mevans
Dev: hsivonen, jst
Test Plan coming soon WebGL  Not yet enabled by default bug 373864 QA: marcia
Dev: vlad


Firefox Features

Feature Test Plan Specs Target Tracking Bug(s) Contact QA State
test plan link Theme Beta 1 tracking bugs QA: abillings
Dev: shorlander, gavin
test plan Firefox Sync Beta 2 feature landing page QA: tracy, tchung Dev: mconnor, faaborg Fx Sync 1.4 slated for 6/29
Testplan Account Manager Beta 3? tracking bugs or project page QA: Tomcat
Dev: ragavan, thunder
test plan Tab Candy Beta 2? tracking bugs or project page QA: juanb, tracy
Dev: aza
WebM Test Plan WebM Support  Alpha 5 Refer to dev blogs QA: juanb
Dev: roc, cpearce
test plan Add-ons Manager Redesign Alpha 4 bug 550048, bug 461973 QA: hskupin, tchung , retornam (AMO)
Dev: Boriss, Unfocused
test plan link Web page inspector Alpha 5
tracking bugs QA: Tomcat
Dev: robcee, johnath, limi
3/24: more changes updated on spec today. still no demoable build yet?
test plan Preferences UI Firefox 4? tracking bugs QA: ashughes
Dev: boriss
Feature in design-phase (6/24/2010)
App Tabs Test Plan Home tab and app tabs Beta 2?
bug 551849 QA: marcia
Dev: faaborg
Landed and is in betas.
test plan Tab matches in awesomebar Alpha 4 bug 480350, bug 455650 QA: ashughes
Dev: Unfocused
QA: complete (06/10)
test plan Print preview in separate window (spec?) Firefox 4? tracking bugs? QA: ashughes
Dev: rflint
Needs developer feedback
test plan actions after update Alpha 3 bug 538331, bug 549969, bug 459972 QA: ashughes
Dev: rs (Robert Strong)
Pending AUS
test plan doorhanger notifications Beta 1 bug 398776 QA: ashughes
Dev: gavin
Developing a test plan (6/24/2010)
test plan Simplify Update UI size for billboard and l10n Alpha 3
bug 480178 QA: ashughes Dev: rs Finalizing test plan (6/24/2010)
test plan link Jetpack SDK Landed? tracking bugs QA: ayan, tchung Dev: myk IN FLIGHT, need to determine what will land in the 4.0beta
test plan link Add-on Compatibility Reporter Beta X? tracking bugs or project wiki QA: hskupin
Dev: fligtar
Feedback test plan Feedback beta integration plan Beta 1 project page QA: tracy
Dev: Jinghua
test plan link Port Satchel to JS Beta 1 project page QA: tracy
Dev: dolske
no qa action wanted
Tab Previews Test Plan Tab Previews Beta 1? tracking bugs QA: geo(?), juanb
Dev: robarnold
Un-assessed (in this iteration)

Existing Feature and Performance Improvements

We'll track these feature improvements here. Features which require some UI revision will be tracked here.


Individual features will have sections to track accessibility, and we'll keep track of issues raised during milestones' testing, but we'll track the overall state of accessibility for the release through continuous testing. Ping Marco for details.


Any new locales, in beta, official? Any fewer locales? String changes tested? We will be in touch with Axel to keep track of milestone release changes.

Add-Ons / Plugins Compatibility

We are going to test common plugins and add-ons.

Websites Content For Firefox 4

The plan for new content for websites related to Firefox 4 will be found in the Firefox 4 website plan. Examples of these are new landing pages, what's new, and all other pages related to project.

Web Compatibility Testing

We'll monitor web compatibility issues through bug triage and information gathered through our feedback channels. As we approach the last couple of beta versions and RC's we will hold at least one testday where we will focus on common user functionality in different site categories, like social networks, games, and video sites to check for problems.

Hardware Compatibility Testing

We have partnered with an outsource vendor to perform hardware compatibility testing. iBeta is able to create a number of PC hardware systems and run limited set of automated tests on these systems. The test plan for hardware compatibility testing is located at: Firefox 4 Hardware Compatibility Test Plan

Crashers and User Feedback Monitoring

Weekly monitoring of user feedback and crash data.

Reference and TODOs