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Firefox 4 Test Plan

Firefox 4 Beta 8 Testplan

Coordinating QA: juanb in, If not around, contact: mevans,; tchung, Or ping someone in #qa

Description of Release

This is the latest beta version of Firefox 4. There are a number of fixes across many areas of the browser. One of the most notable changes is asynchronous layer-based plugin painting on Windows, which has spawned several fixes related to hardware acceleration on Windows (graphics cards/drivers). There also several fixes to Panorama, tabbed browsing, content-modal alerts, and others.

Specific Plan Beta 8

We will run smoketests and BFTs using Mozmill, as well as manual smoketests. We'll run FFTs on several focus areas including some like Places (bookmarks and history) where significant regressions have bubbled up recently as bug filed on nightly builds.


We will run through Litmus smoketests, BFTs, and updates checks. We'll focus on regression testing, since there are so many features that had at lest some minor fixes.

  • Code Freeze: Dec 14
  • Builds Start: Dec 14
  • QA: Dec 14-21 (estimate)
    • Smoketests and BFTs using Mozmill: (1 person)
    • Manual smoketests, BFT areas, and Other OS Spot Checks: Dec 14-15 (3 people)
    • Testday: Nov 26 - Add-ons Manager (3 people monitoring)
    • Testday: Dec 10 - Web Console (3 people monitoring)
    • Accessibility: Before Dec 21 (1 person)
    • Top Sites Functionality and Page Load Testing: Before Dec 21 (1 people)
    • Updates checks: Before Dec 21 (1 person)
      • Manual spot checks as necessary


Builds for all beta 5 candidates can be found here:

Test Results

Build 1 (Current)

Focus Areas

Looking at the changes since Beta 7, these are some of the areas we need to start testing on the nightlies to identify regressions. These will be listed in table format in the "Feature Areas Testing" section:

Cookies, copy paste search, themes/lightweight themes, theme (Fx button on Linux ), add-ons manager, toolbar customization, app tabs, panorama, session store, private browsing, places (bookmarks/history), Sync, tab-modal prompts (no tests), hover over text (bug 572713), RTL (app tabs, panorama), location bar, switch to tab, crash-reporter (using crashme extension on Mac 10.5), Web Console, QuickTime/Flash/Silverlight plugin detection/controls/playback/performance/, focus events, webgl, printing (maps), text edit/copy/paste in text fields, drag & drop tabs, ...