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Notes About Releasing

Please update the Notes Template and the Release:Primer for future releases (bug fixes, changes to automation) as needed

Bugs hit

Enter any bugs pre-existing or newly discovered and filed during the release:

  • bug 763769 - release_sanity fails due to mozconfig differences. You can skip with -m
  • skipped L10n with -l since the milestone was missing (already in touch with Axel)
2012-06-14 15:59:55,364 : ERROR : cannot find l10n dashboard at
2012-06-14 15:59:55,365 : ERROR : Error verifying l10n dashboard changesets

Build Engineers

{armenzg} - Tracking bug: bug 763683

Signed-off Revision(s)

Build 1:

L10N changesets

  • No milestone but we're taking one change
nl b07154d0e17b


Manually tag the automation code, then record the generated tags below. (details)

Build # Branch, Tags Changeset
1 GECKO1301_2012061416_RELBRANCH THUNDERBIRD_13_0_1_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_13_0_1_RELEASE b2b140bfc565
GECKO1301_2012061411_RELBRANCH THUNDERBIRD_13_0_1_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_13_0_1_RELEASE f48d675ffa9f

Build data


Build # Type Build ID Build machine Time to build
1 Linux


Build 1

Preparing to start Automation

detailed instructions

  • Hit clobber
  • No L10n changes for a .1 release
  • Reserve slaves:
[cltbld@buildbot-master34 master]$ pwd
[cltbld@buildbot-master34 master]$ cat reserved_slaves
  • create a symlink (since bug 725839 is not resolved)
# tbirdbld@stage
cd /pub/
mkdir ../candidates/13.0.1-candidates
ln -s ../candidates/13.0.1-candidates 13.0.1-candidates
  • Land automation configs
  • Tagged buildbot-configs, buildbotcustom, & tools with build & release tags.
  • update and reconfigure the master
# make update does not work on this master due to bm34 having local changes
cd /builds/buildbot/build1
source bin/activate
cd buildbot-configs && hg pull -u && cd ..
cd buildbotcustom && hg pull -u && cd ..
cd tools && hg pull -u && cd ..
make checkconfig & make reconfig
cd master
PYTHONPATH=. python ../tools/buildbot-helpers/ -u armenzg -V 13.0.1 --branch comm-release --build-number 1 \
    --release-config --products thunderbird  \
    --dryrun localhost:9001
  • release_sanity fails due to mozconfig differences. You can skip with -m
  • release_sanity fails due to missing L10n milestone. Skipped with -l
  • start automation ← monitor progress on buildbot (e.g. comm-release)
    • the same command as above but without the "--dryrun"

E-mail Metrics

Use the address "metrics-alerts < AT > mozilla < PERIOD > org". Note for first-time-releasers: your email will get held for moderator approval - that is expected. If it happens more than once, get help on #metrics.



They want to know approximately what time push to external mirrors will occur. Ideally this is a 24hr notice to them, with the estimated time.

Subject: Thunderbird 13.0.1 coming to mirrors on tomorrow June 15th
We're planning on pushing our Thunderbird 13.0.1 release sometime tomorrow Friday June 15th.

If you believe these releases or these dates will cause any problems,
please notify release at If you have any problems with mirror
status/weights/etc, please notify mirror-submissions at


No problems.

Bouncer Submitter

No problems.


No problems.



No problems.

Thunderbird repacks

No problems.


No problems.


No problems.

Update verify

No problems.

Reset reserved slaves


Check permissions / AV scan

No problems.

Push to internal mirrors

  • the rsync excludes have been updated was pushed by nthomas
  • Forced build the push to mirrors builder

Final verification

Record receipt of "completed_final_verification" emails (1 per platform)

  • XXX: TODO add to bug hit section
  • It seems that is failing
  • Callek thinks that this patch had not landed early enough

Before Release Day

Run backupsnip for release snippets

Do this the night before release day as it can take up to two hours.

 cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging
 ~/bin/backupsnip Thunderbird-13.0.1-build1

Push to external mirrors

  • Remove previously added blacklisting entry from
  • Replace old version with the current one in
  • Pushed to SVN to update

Push to Release Channel

Once there is enough uptake and we get "go" from release driver.

cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging
~/bin/pushsnip Thunderbird-13.0.1-build1