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Post Mortem for the Thunderbird release of 3.0.2

Done via email/irc.

  • We're looking for:
    • How well did new processes introduced go?
    • Any problem/pain points?
    • Can we reduce time spent or speed up processes?

Leading up to the release (patch landing, code freeze etc)

  • Concerned that bug 548735 (bug 505465) wasn't picked up until after the release.
    • Do we just not have nightly users that test/report? or just not the right type.


  • Need to get steps for doing the regular build activities posted somewhere. Hence anyone with permissions can do them and know what they are (e.g. push to mirrors, release link on ftp etc).


  • smooth
  • Actually contacted Norton - Turn around around 3 days worth noting for later.


Website (Release Notes, What's New, L10n issues etc)

  • Script to copy locale files worked excellently.
  • 3.0.x beta pages are now generic so we should just have to update the php headers in the next versions.
  • Forgot to update again (this is pointed to from within thunderbird).
  • Action Item: document all pages that are touched and need to be changed for each release on the wiki including press pages

Actual Release (Pushing out, updates, etc)

  • Smooth. Everything prepared the day before.
  • Mirror uptake was more than enough after 2 hours.
  • Completed the final release process in an hour (website, pushes, announcements etc).

Anything else