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Tracking document for the release of Thunderbird:Thunderbird 3.1b1


  • Overall lead: Dmose / Standard8
  • Web pages lead: rebron
  • Release notes lead: rebron
  • Build lead: gozer
  • QA lead: _Tsk_
  • l10n lead: sipaq


Late l10n tracker


step start date end date status
planning meeting N/A
Create Tracking Bugs - see below 2010-03-02 2010-03-02 Completed
Create Releases/ entry and web page Completed
Add Milestone and next development version to crash-stats
(some admins: bienvenu, dmose, _Tsk, Standard8)
2010-03-02 2010-03-02 Completed
Ensure in-tree extensions (Venkman, DOMi) have correct maxVersion numbers.
DOMI [ has general rs=sdwilsh] for update to current version in trunk.
Heads up to QA testers 2010-03-02 - Completed

Tracking Bugs

Use New Beta Release Bug Creator to create the templates for the bugs.

Notes: Creation of Bouncer entries is assumed to be enough of a heads-up to MoCo IT of the pending release.

String & Code Freezes

For each step, ensure relevant Tinderboxes are updated with the current status.

step start date end date status
Announce impending code/string freeze to m.d.planning, m.d.a.thunderbird, m.d.a.seamonkey, m.d.calendar 1 week ahead Just added this item to the checklist for carrying forward.
Code Freeze/String Freeze 2010-02-24 2010-03-02 Completed
Check output of package-compare for missing/old packages (all platforms) against User:Standard8#package-compare_notes 2010-03-02 2010-03-02 Completed
L10n cut-off, shipped-locales & revisions closed off. 2010-03-02 2010-03-02 Completed
Send signoff to thunderbird-drivers for build to start 2010-03-02 2010-03-02 Completed

Build Revisions

Build defined (generally):

  • build/tools revision: 3f58ca024a23
  • build/buildbot-config revision: 6441db08896d6441db08896d
  • branch name: COMM192_2010_RELBRANCH


step start date est. duration end date status
Signoff build tools and update signing box. 2010-03-02 - 2010-03-02 Completed
Cut relbranch 2010-03-02 - 2010-03-02 Completed
Candidates built build1 2010-03-03 - 2010-03-03 Completed
Sign off to thunderbird-drivers for QA to start testing 2010-03-03 - 2010-03-03 Completed
Publish partial & full updates to betatest channel (fully-throttled so that QA can test throttling). 2010-03-03 - 2010-03-03 Completed
Sign builds 2010-03-03 - 2010-03-03 Completed
Sign off to thunderbird-drivers for signed builds 2010-03-03 - 2010-03-03 Completed
Get sentryviewer patched for release version. -

QA of Builds

step start date est. duration end date status
Check builds for crash symbols (crashme!) 2010-03-03   10 min
2010-03-03 completed
Verify correct branding of builds (checklist below) 2010-03-07 - 2010-03-07 completed
Announce Candidate builds ready for testing (newsgroups etc) 2010-03-03 test group emailed - 2010-03-03 completed
QA tests Candidate builds (see QA Test Result Tracking bug 548457, and litmus) 2010-03-03 - 2010-03-07 completed
Partial update integrity check script run (typically by gozer) -
QA spot checks updates on betatest channel 2010-03-07 - 2010-03-07 completed 3.1a1 -> 3.1b1 vista
Virus checking for false-positives 2010-03-08 10 Minutes 2010-03-08 OK

Branding Checklist

Note: where release version is referenced, this is only for alpha/beta builds. Final releases should not have it.

  • All Platforms
    • Check About dialog has correct image and name of application.
  • Windows
    • Check Window title has "... - <short name of brand> <release version>
    • Check Installer references brand and release version
    • Check executable has correct brand name in its properties
  • Linux
    • Check Window title has "... - <short name of brand> <release version>
  • Mac
    • Check Application bundle in .dmg has the brand name.

Website & Press

step start date est. duration end date status
Website changes on trunk 3/8/2010 1 day
File Bug for setting up website redirects ( start, what's new etc) 3/8/2010 -
Website pushed to staging 3/9/2010 -
Prepare announcement texts for mailing lists 3/8/2010 -
QA tests website on staging (text, links etc) 3/9/2010 -

Final Release Phase

step start date est. duration end date status
QA and release driver approve start of final release phase via thunderbird-drivers. -
Build submits patch to mirrorstentry to MoCo IT -
Build moves build to release area -
Build pushes download files to mirrors (rsyncd-mozilla-current.exclude) -
Wait for bouncer to pick up files -
Build pushes content from stage/ to production/ so that releasenotes, firstrun pages, early_releases, beta pages go live on -
QA download links and checks release notes, start page, what's new pages options from within TB - on en-US and non en-US locales. -
Build pushes remaining content from stage/ to production/ -
Build pushes update snippets to beta channel, fully-throttled so that it is only available for manual updates. -
QA spot checks production site and updates on beta channel -
Announce release (see locations below), and check the results -

Release Announcements

Announce to:

  • mozilla.announce.prerelease (must be subscribed, see moderator info).
  • About:mozilla
  • Spread Thunderbird (poke #spreadthunderbird for getting post on the front page).
  • Blog
  • Unmoderated newsgroups
    • Be sure to include these headers:
      • Reply-To:
      • Followup-To:
    • Post to these newsgroups:

Post Release

step start date est. duration end date status
A couple of days after release, QA & Release Driver approve un-throttling of updates via thunderbird-drivers N/A -
Build un-throttles updates. N/A -
Schedule and hold post-mortem meeting 3/4 hour