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Who Am I?

Mark Banner, known as Standard8 on irc.mozilla.org. My homepage is at Standard8.

What I do

In recent months I've been mainly helping SeaMonkey:Home_Page migrate to toolkit (SeaMonkey:Toolkit_Transition).

I normally mainly work on the MailNews:Address_Book supporting SeaMonkey and Thunderbird.

Thoughts in Progress

package-compare notes

  • Expansions not taken account of e.g. get something like:
  • These items are not packaged even though they are generated:
    • common files (adjust for .exe/.dll/.so etc as needed):
      • bin/codesighs
      • bin/maptsvdifftool
      • bin/nm2tsv
        • Used for codesighs tool. Not required in shipped lib.
      • bin/js
        • js command line, not required
      • bin/mangle
      • bin/regxpcom
      • bin/shlibsign
      • bin/xpidl
      • bin/xpt_dump
      • bin/xpt_link
        • Included in NO_PKG_FILES
      • bin/nsinstall
        • Generated for installing files.
      • bin/nspr-config
        • Result of running nspr, not required.
      • bin/dependentlibs.list
        •  ???? Seems to be some confusion as to if this is packaged or not (FF 3.0 & 3.6 do, but 3.5 does not...).
    • Linux / 1.9.2
      • bin/plugins/libnullplugin.so
        •  ????
      • bin/plugins/libunixprintplugin.so
        •  ????
    • Mac / 1.9.2
      • Lanikai.app/Contents/MacOS/components/oji.xpt
        •  ????
      • Lanikai.app/Contents/MacOS/plugins/DefaultPlugin.plugin/
      • Lanikai.app/Contents/MacOS/plugins/JavaEmbeddingPlugin.bundle/
      • Lanikai.app/Contents/MacOS/plugins/MRJPlugin.plugin/
        •  ????
      • Lanikai.app/Contents/MacOS/run-mozilla.sh
        • AFAIK this isn't required.
    • Windows / 1.9.2
      • bin/IA2Marshal.dll
      • bin/plugins/npnul32.dll

Setting up tests for crash-handling

  • Test Setup
    • Use checkForCrashes from automationutils.py to check for crashes post-running the test/app
    • Ensure mozconfigs have
      • export MOZILLA_OFFICIAL=1
  • Buildbot setup
    • Ensure buildbot specifies the MINIDUMP_STACKWALK environment variable.
    • Ensure buildbot specifies MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_NO_REPORT=1
    • May wish to ensure run step has haltOnFailure=True, warnOnFailure=True, flunkOnFailure = False.
  • Misc notes:
    • Using the unittest error parser for tinderbox helps processing.

See bug 522115 for an example.

Misc Notes

Resource Forks

Open Safari, go to a website, then drag the url to your desktop. You'll get a file named like this: “site title.webloc”. • Double click the file will open the website in a default browser. • Dragging the file to Safari or Firefox will also open the url. The “webloc” file is a binary file. The file also contains resource fork.