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Meeting Details

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Release Duty

  • last week: nthomas
  • this week: bhearsum

Firefox+Fennec 33 beta1, build 1 and 2 (mgerva, nthomas, bhearsum,...)

  • bug 1062216, file too large for signing server
  • bug 1062302 disabled gpg and mar signing on mac-v2 signing servers in
  • missing binaries from releasetest.
  • bug 1063551 - Beta channel has no snippets to update older releases to latest beta, while betatest has

more details here: Releases/Firefox_33.0b1/BuildNotes

Firefox+Fennec 33.0b2 (nthomas)

  • one hg timeout in mac l10n repack (cloning pl locale), reran
  • network maintenance in phx1 blew out updates builder near the end
    • backed out changes in tools repo, reran
  • updates blew up in pushsnip, trying to move test snippets into pushed/
    • backed out tools changes again, reran
# ffxbld@aus3-staging
mv /opt/aus2/snippets/pushed/Firefox-33.0b2-build1-test{,-firstjob}
mv /opt/aus2/snippets/staging/Firefox-33.0b2-build1-test /opt/aus2/snippets/pushed/Firefox-33.0b2-build1-test-secondjob
rm -rf /opt/aus2/snippets/staging/Firefox-33.0b2-build1

Firefox 33.0b3 (nthomas)

100% unicorns and rainbows, not a single failure.

Firefox 32.0.1

Firefox 33.0b4 (bhearsum)

  • b-linux64-hp-0032 failed in the linux build - asked for 12G, got 13.4G, failed in make package. Lots of fallout in linux64 repacks, eventually rescued itself. Repacks rebuilt where necessary (1,2,4,7,8,9/10 linux64).

Action items

  • Hal to update standing agenda to include "Most Wanted Bugs"

Most Wanted bugs


  • Build a short list of "most wanted" release bugs to be fixed, and track in the section above
    • take as input to sprint planning meeting
  • timezones proposals: mgerva is never around for the manual part of the releases (and owes the rest of the group too many beers). What about we have a release duty based on tz. Some ideas:
    • timezone based release duty, Europe takes care of all the issue happening during European morning hours and hands it over to east coast, east cost => pacific coast => New Zealand => Europe, => ... ?
    • europe to follow european relman schedule for important releases ?
    • any other ideas?
  • (nthomas) bumping staging configs in release runner, so they stay in sync with templates ?
  • (catlee) updated release timeline & bottlenecks
  • (catlee) promoting existing builds vs. building separate release builds