Releases:Release Post Mortem:2014-09-23

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Meeting Details

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Release Duty

  • last week: bhearsum
  • this week: hwine

Firefox 33.0b5 (bhearsum)

One update verify hiccup - otherwise smooth.

Firefox/Fennec 33.0b6 (hwine)

trivial - bhearsum did snippet, hwine postrelease

Action items

  • Hal to update standing agenda to include "Most Wanted Bugs"

Most Wanted bugs


  • (hwine) do folks see any value in something like: (still awaiting feedback from QA & RelMan).
  • timezones proposals: mgerva is never around for the manual part of the releases (and owes the rest of the group too many beers). What about we have a release duty based on tz. Some ideas:
    • timezone based release duty, Europe takes care of all the issue happening during European morning hours and hands it over to east coast, east cost => pacific coast => New Zealand => Europe, => ... ?
    • europe to follow european relman schedule for important releases ?
    • any other ideas?