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  • State of the union
    • Where are we now? What is the status of the prototype?
  • Who does what?
    • Current obligations, commitments, availability
  • Technical walkthrough of remote agent
  • Feature scoping
    • Remote/PuppeteerCDPUsage
    • Other test suites we care about, e.g. Wikimedia’s
    • What are Google’s requirements for a demo?
  • Regular meeting schedule


ocahmeau, yulia, ato, AutomatedTester


Where are we now?

The prototype is in a state that ochameau and ato both feel comfortable with. There are three remaining tasks:

  1. Fix the HTTPD + WebSocket problems (ato)
  2. De-duplicate EventEmitter.jsm (ochameau)
  3. Secondary cursory review (ochameau + ato)

After that, this is the plan:

  1. Finish architectual work and prepare patches
  2. Request build peer review
  3. Land in central
  4. Send out intent-to-implement to dev-platform and firefox-dev

The only potential show-stopper we see is the work ato is doing to make httpd.js compatible with WebSocket.jsm. This is explained in more details in the meeting minutes from Monday.


With regards to the engineering team:

  • ato is working full-time on the remote agent for the forseeable future. This is likely to extend to Q2 and possibly into H2. He still has obligations with regards to Marionette, geckodriver, and WebDriver. Will spend time on reviews and facilitating contributions there.
  • ochameau has a similar commitment. Told to spend whatever time is necessary on CDP to make it a reality. He is responsible for the ongoing Fission work in DevTools, so will have to spend some time on that. He also receives a lot of review requests from his team.
  • yulia is currently full-time on Fission, but meant to shift focus to CDP in Q2. Splits time with TC39 and Spidermonkey and consequently has prior obligations there. Will not work on CDP in the immediate future, but wants to be kept in the loop and attend meetings.


We talked briefly about what it would mean if DevTools were to replace RDP with CDP and how this would impact resource allocation, although we concluded that this is beyond the scope of the current project. The DevTools team probably needs to have a separate discussion about where they see themselves in the future.

yulia mentioned that when DevTools discussed CDP in the past, it’s always been in the context of switching DevTools over to it. The situation now is that we’re doing a subset of CDP for the explicit purpose of supporting Puppeteer and for doing browser instrumentation. When we explain to DevTools developers that we are working on CDP, we must highlight that we’re not replacing RDP, but that we’re working on tooling for automation to make the web more interoperable.

Otherwise people may get the impression that they need to pause the work they’e doing to wait for CDP. The communication with Google and the outside world is also important.

Feature scoping

We need to find out what subset of the Puppeteer subset of CDP we want to implement first.

First we need to do some iterative work on trying to connect Puppeteer to Firefox and see what is missing. This work will be hard to parallelise. However, we have a rough idea of what basic features are needed from some of the domains, e.g. Page and Browser. These we can parallelise work on.

The immediate goal post landing in central should be to connect Puppeteer and do something simple. We should also consider pulling CDP test into the tree, and also the Puppeteer tests.

The Target domain seems particularly important for Puppeteer.

Regular meetings

We will have weekly meetings on Mondays at 09:00 GMT starting next week. These will go on for as long as is needed for the foreseeable future, but is intended to move to an as-needed schedule once work settles down.

The meetings will be open to the community (public), and minuted so that it is not a requirement to attend the meeting to keep up to date on what is happening. ato will send out invitations.

PTO (🌷)

  • ato away Tuesday 5 March
  • ochameau away Friday 8 March
  • ystartsev away Monday 18 March - 12 April