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WebDriver is a remote control interface that enables introspection and control of user agents. It provides a platform- and language-neutral wire protocol as a way for out-of-process programs to remotely instruct the behavior of web browsers.

This is the project page for the WebDriver project at Mozilla. If you’re looking for information about WebDriver itself you will find that on MDN.


Mailing list
tools-marionette@lists.mozilla.org (subscribe, archive)
Real-time chat
The IRC channel for the team is #interop (webchat).
Bug tracking
Marionette in Bugzilla
geckodriver in Bugzilla
geckodriver on GitHub
Rust port of mozbase



The team has a public meetings on Mondays at 2 pm GMT, when announced on the mailing list.

Day of week Pacific Time Eastern Time GMT Central European Time Japan Time
Mondays (when announced) 6:00AM–7:00AM 9:00AM–10:00AM 2:00PM–3:00PM 3:00PM–4:00PM 10:00PM–11:00PM (summer)
11:00PM–12:00PM (winter)