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  • Summary of recent changes by ochameau
    • Working on supporting Wordpress test suite (bug)
  • Remote agent announcement
  • Feature scoping
    • What next?


ochameau, sole, ato
yulia, AutomatedTester


  • ochameau has been ensuring we can connect to Puppeteer
    • Support Puppeteer’s connect method (bug 1533679)
    • Support Puppeteer’s Browser.newPage() method (bug 1533682)
  • Last week ochameau also looked at the WordPress test suite (bug 1539202)
    • Succinct user stories lends themselves well for ramping up work on the most important features
    • They are using an older target selection technique from an earlier Puppeteer version (Target.sendMessageToTarget/receivedMessageFromTarget) (bug 1539210)
    • Supporting earlier Puppeteer versions?
      • Not a big effort, but sort of unfortunate that WordPress is not using upstream Puppeteer
      • Supporting the few additional target location methods is probably useful also for other CDP consumers
      • Interesting data point that significant test suites in the wild are not necessarily using the latest Puppeteer, and that this has consequences for which Chrome versions they test against
      • No indication why they are stuck on an old version
  • Running tests on try currently blocked by not building the remote agent as part of Firefox
  • What is remote agent announcement blocked on?
    • ACTION: sole will check


e30b6f7da324            Bug 1415265 - Remove now unnecessary .eslintrc.js files or entries. r=mossop
21a0b94236ca            Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. on a CLOSED TREE
b9c21d6a2820            bug 1538187: remote: correct irc chatroom; r=me a=doc
4897ba9157fb            bug 1538187: remote: fix hyperlinks in index; r=me a=doc
85a3caa3afe3            bug 1538187: remote: correct chapter title in docs; r=me a=doc
b1a10cc3384a            Bug 1536888 - Move the remote agent to a JSM. r=ato
bb99656cd1e4            Bug 1536794 - Test Page.frameStoppedLoading and Page.navigatedWithinDocument. r=ato
44356bd99bfc            Bug 1536794 - Add test to cover /json/version endpoint and Target domain. r=ato
678c53ed6634            Bug 1536794 - Moving Target's path definition to a unique place, on Target class. r=ato
a6da752d09cd            Bug 1536794 - Close httpd's Connection when closing the remote agent's server. r=ato
4a9f22ab965b            Bug 1536794 - Implement a base Target class. r=ato
b5fc801bc3d8            Bug 1536890 - Remove the workaround in chrome-remote-interface now that remote agent supports websocket handshake. r=ato

PTO (🌷)

  • ato away Tuesday 2 April
  • ochameau away Friday 5 April