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  • Actions
    • Remote agent announcement (sole)
  • Status updates
    • Progress on running Wordpress tests suite (ochameau)
    • Enabling remote agent in Nightly/security testing (ato)
  • Changing meeting time to be more inclusive?


ato, ochameau, sole, AutomatedTester



sole will take this in her own hands, don’t want to talk about this again next week.

Status updates

  • Alex working on getting the WordPress test suite working (bug 1539202)
    • Page.frameNavigated event has to be in a very specific order
    • Uses jest-puppeteer which only expose Browser Page and Context Puppeteer APIs,
    • Uses an old Puppeteer version (1.6), uses a RegExp on stderr to find the remote protocol URL
      • Struggling to find a way to print a string on stderr from JS
    • Last step is to support script evaluation
      • Q: can we reuse the juggler implementation?
        • It ignores the DevTools debugging aspect, but it may provide a temporary stopgap considering that is currently out of scope.
  • ato working on enabling remote agent in Nightly, but try is failing due to some XPCOM component registration issue
  • ato also started process on getting a security review
    • Apparently we need to pass it off to the security testing team before the security review team will look at it.
  • Next up is getting the Puppeteer repository vendored in central and stand up TaskCluster job for running the test suite on try

Meeting time

Googlers have expressed interest in joining this meeting but the time would be inconvenient to them. We will confirm their intention at Puppeteer sync next Monday, then make a decision.


% git log --since="01-04-2019" --format='%H%x09%s' remote/
e6abae7dee7a    bug 1541834: remote: drop max-len lint rule; r=ochameau
610d76cdad5d    bug 1537775: remote: move method sanity check into Domains.splitMethod; r=ochameau
92abfaf0263e    bug 1537775: remote: clarify method/domain/command terminology; r=ochameau
fbb7f1c90075    Bug 1539210 - Document TabSession and Session constructor arguments. r=ato
cc3d2e4994ac    Bug 1539210 - Do not destroy the content process session on page unload. r=ato
ded5b052a731    Bug 1539210 - Add support for Target.sendMessageToTarget and Target.receivedMessageFromTarget. r=ato
03149de90230    Bug 1539221 - Register main process target on server start. r=ato
c15bd3c9a467    Bug 1539221 - Fix DOMContentLoadedPromise when the document is in a state between DOMContentLoaded and load event. r=ato
0f44e3d3224e    Bug 1539221 - Fix piping of errors back to the client due to missing formatError symbol. r=ato
4b0aa8a9d142    bug 1540684: remote: fix stray colons in error formatting; r=ochameau
214188d7af75    bug 1540684: remote: write tests for Error.jsm's current behaviour; r=ochameau
698490d8a472    bug 1537770: remote: default RemoteAgentError#notify() to print stack; r=ochameau
1814fc05a687    Bug 1539213 - Emit `Target.targetCreated` for already-opened tabs. r=ato
e30b6f7da324    Bug 1415265 - Remove now unnecessary .eslintrc.js files or entries. r=mossop


All ze boogs

PTO (🌷)

  • ochameau away Friday 12 April