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  • Remote agent announcement delayed (ato)
  • Enabling remote agent in Nightly (ato)
  • Session/TabSession/ContentProcessSession relationship (ato)
  • WordPress support


AutomatedTester, sole, ochameau, yulia, ato


  • Alex summarised what we’ve done since Yulia went on PTO
    • All of it is described in more detail in minutes from previous meetings
    • Working on the WordPress test suite has been a tangible way to get some of the most important user stories resolved, and indirectly means we are passing more of the Puppeteer tests
  • Remote agent announcement to dev-platform@ postponed
    • We will revisit this mid May
  • Everything is now ready for enabling the remote agent in Nightly, but we’re blocked on security review
    • AutomatedTester suggested that we could enable it Nightly without shipping it, which only requires build peer approval
      • Would have the benefit that we could unblock getting tests running on TaskCluster
      • ACTION: ato will investigate
    • TaskCluster support would make it easier to land code with the comfort that changes will work
    • Alex has landed his patches with browser-chrome tests using chrome-remote-interface, but these involve translating what the Puppeteer behaviour is
      • These are great to have, but it would be better if we ran the Puppeteer tests on try so that we could track progress
  • ato expressed some concern about the inheritance and code structure of Session, TabSession, and ContentProcessSession
    • At least two cases of code duplication with onMessage and execute/remote:request
    • Alex explained that the idea is that we will need multiple types of sessions in the future, though class inheritance model here can probably be refined
    • This would perhaps be clearer if we had higher-level architectual documentation
      • Sticking this in remote/doc would be great!
  • Alex split WordPress support work into many bugs
    • He’ll possibly attach incomplete patches showing a way to implement CDP aspects to each
    • It isn’t easy to parallelise work right now (or at least open it to other engineers) because we’re missing some essential big APIs, such as Runtime
      • Q: Can we reuse Juggler’s implementation of Runtime?
        • Handy to look at Juggler, but we can’t copy it as-is because there are a lot of small changes, name changes, &c. compared to CDP


% git log --date=iso --pretty=format:'%ad%x09%H' -- remote/ | awk '$0 >= "2019-04-08" && $0 <= "2019-04-14"' | awk -F $'\t' '{print $2}' | xargs git show -s --format='%h%x09%s'
f2b0d07285ca	bug 1542198: remote: build tests only on --enable-tests; r=ochameau


PTO (🐣)

  • ato away:
    • Thursday 18 April (Maundy Thursday)
    • Friday 19 (Good Friday)
    • Monday 22 April (Easter Monday)
  • ochameau away Friday 19 April