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  • Module creation (ato)
  • Wordpress/Gutenberg project tracking
  • Current work/coming up next
  • Next meeting (ato)
    • Mozilla is migrating from Vidyo to Zoom


mmucci, ochameau, ato, yulia
sole, AutomatedTester


Module creation

ato has sent an email to governance@ requesting the creation of a new Remote Protocol module.

This is just a formality, but would make it easier for us to get new contributors commit access.

Update on WordPress/Gutenberg progress



  • (ochameau) We are going through mmucci’s process, and I expect jdescottes to join me on this
  • Most of the bugs have patches attached, and main work left is to write tests
  • MVP backlog and development schedule to be set on Tuesday June 4th

Current work/coming up next

  • ochameau has done significant work on Page and Runtime to support JS execution
    • The most complex bit being the coordination of events (see bug 1548102)
    • Will continue landing more Runtime methods, and jdescottes should join to help this effort
  • ato still working on Puppeteer tests on try and have made some good progress
    • Expect another update next week

Next meeting

  • Mozilla is moving to Zoom, and Vidyo will be discontinued at the end of this month
  • (ato) How does Zoom deal with inviting people who are not at MoCo?
    • Each Zoom meeting has a link and this can be used by anyone to join the meeting
  • Next week’s meeting will be on Zoom
  • Puppeteer devs joining this meeting
    • As Google I/O is now over, we promised Joel and Andrey to invite them to this meeting
    • The meeting time probably needs to be shifted back a couple of hours, probably to around 18:00 CEST
    • ochameau is away the week of Tuesday 28 May, so we will try to invite them next week

ACTION: yulia will invite them, update the calendar invitation, and set up a Zoom room

Google I/O

  • Firefox support for Puppeteer was announced last week
  • Net Monitor seemed like a popular request
  • Browsing contexts allow sandboxed tabs that have their own cookies, allowing tests to be much faster to run because the browser is restarted less frequently
  • (ato) “Browsing context” is an unfortunate terminology
  • Similar to profiles, but in chrome the separation is much clearer

Synchronous communication

  • IRC is going away, but we don't yet know what will replace it
  • At this point in time, no options are ideal:
    • mozilla.slack.com requires an NDA to be signed
    • The DevTools Slack is not logged, and not where most Mozillians hang out
  • We will temporarily move our communication to the DevTools Slack so that Google can join, but assess the situation again when mhoye announces the next synchronous communication tool for Mozilla

All hands

  • ochameau and ato will be absent
  • yulia will do a lightning talk about the new remote protocol/CDP in Firefox
    • sole and jdescottes may be available to help out with the talk
    • The Product Integrity (PI) organisation is hosting a session to share ongoing work, perhaps Yulia can give the lightning talk here as well

Other announcements

ato will have an Outreachy intern starting next week working on WebDriver, and this will subtract somewhat from his commitment to this project.


% git log --date=iso --pretty=format:'%ad%x09%H' -- remote/ | awk '$0 >= "2019-05-07" && $0 <= "2019-05-14"' | awk -F $'\t' '{print $2}' | xargs git show -s --format='%h%x09%s'
17ddcc234208    Bug 1548098 - Implement Runtime.callFunctionOn's objectId argument. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
f75c89c2e70c    Bug 1548098 - Implement Runtime.callFunctionOn's awaitPromise argument. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
27c8f3bc5346    Bug 1548098 - Implement Runtime.callFunctionOn's returnByValue argument. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
4195ea8fbc57    Bug 1548098 - Implement Runtime.callFunctionOn. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
7129bba6a02e    Bug 1548098 - Pull out exception handling into a dedicated _returnError method. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
3f8bf54e170d    bug 1551188: remote: print listening address similarly to chrome; r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ochameau
532e4a3bc917    Bug 1544445 - Implement Page.reload. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato


Current milestone
MVP dependency tree
General overview
Puppeteer dependency tree
All ze boogs
Velocity tracking
Project tracking dashboard
All project work currently in development
Available MVP project work
Completed MVP project work

PTO (🌷)

  • ochameau away:
    • Friday 17 May
    • Friday 24 May
    • May 27–16 June
  • ato away:
    • Thursday 23 May