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  • Post all-hands discussion?
  • Current work/coming up next
  • Other announcements


mmucci, jdescottes, AutomatedTester, ochameau, ato, jeinbinder
yulia, sole


Post all-hands discussion

ochameau, jdescottes, and yulia going to be finishing up the DevTools related work on CDP.
What is then left of the automation parts will be left to my team to complete.
We set some lose goals, and they were essentially around releasing so we can get early user feedback.
This will hopefully help the Puppeteer developers approach Firefox with a bit more tangibility.
Patrick Brosset did a talk about DevTools and how they are working towards web compatibility, and made a small mention of our work.
Should we do some triage of bug puppeteer-mvp?
What do we need for an MVP?
That sounds like a good idea.
Alex done good work on getting the Gutenberg tests running.
Then if we also get some of the Puppeteer examples working, then we might be in a state where we can put this into hands of users.
Is there a deadline?
There will need to be one, but it depends on what we can deliver.
Is the MVP scoped to just delivering a server, or also a functioning client, i.e. fork of Puppeteer?
Preferably something that works for end users.
We need to have a list of requirements.
For example, passing these examples and these Puppeteer tests.
Yes, I’d like to approach product with a list.
Most of this will be influenced by engineering, because that’s the bottleneck.
Harald seemed content with having a deadline with flexible content
How polished do they want the release? There are a couple of factors here that are influenced by things not trackable in Bugzilla.
On that topic, I want to flag the security review as a concern from my end.
Getting any traction on that has so far been unsuccessful.
I believe we have done all the necessary paperwork, but I’ve not heard anything back.

Current work/coming up next

  • ochameau:
    • Remote tests now run in a dedicated remote job on Treeherder (example)
    • Landed a few tweaks to support running Puppeteer tests and/or against latest Puppeteer revision (instead of 1.6)
      • Like prepend Headless in browser description, expose a real user agent, emit targetCreated for the browser target, …
    • Submitted a very minimal support of browser context in bug 1560301
      • This is based on Juggler. This is also necessary to run Puppeteer tests.
    • alex/julian:
      • Julian suggests to land the WIP patches as-is with very minimal tests or no test in order to ease running gutenberg tests as I (alex) do locally
      • Concensus was yes, if it helps unlock other work
  • jdescottes:
    • It would be great if we could some basic typing functionality working, even if we don’t get the more advanced key combinations working
  • ato:
    • Been busy on other things, but will try to follow up on bug 1540655 tomorrow

Other announcements

  • jeinbinder suggested that input from Firefox developers could be useful in the development of new Puppeteer APIs
    • ato volunteered to be flagged for feedback, and he can relay any important discussions to this meeting


% git log --date=iso --pretty=format:'%ad%x09%H' -- remote/ | awk '$0 >= "2019-06-04" && $0 <= "2019-06-25"' | awk -F $'\t' '{print $2}' | xargs git show -s --format='%h%x09%s'
89bfeaae9d51    Merge mozilla-central to inbound.  a=merge CLOSED TREE
295388b03198    Merge mozilla-central to inbound.  a=merge CLOSED TREE
fb4c6dc25611    bug 1560497: remote: use public Slack instance URL; r=me a=doc
ab23da283766    Bug 1560280 - Return a real userAgent string in Browser.getVersion. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
dcb28c0bb6bb    Bug 1560281 - Emit Target.targetCreated for the main process target. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
06b169931f60    Bug 1560281 - Set main process target's "type" attribute to "browser". r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
7ea30cb2f1d6    Bug 1560294 - Relax frameId check in Page.navigate. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
d030c29b3bc0    Bug 1549782 - Implement Runtime.getProperties. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
eed7d99a22dc    Bug 1543071 - Test remote Target.closeTarget and targetDestroyed event r=ochameau
4290306dceb2    Bug 1543071 - Implement Target.closeTarget r=ato
14c6da34a6cd    Bug 1543071 - Implement Target.targetDestroyed event r=ato
961d25dd7c7e    Bug 1553103 - Document the node test script using chrome-remote-inteface. r=jdescottes
130ae378d16b    Bug 1545147 - Run remote agent's mochitests in a distinct "remote" job. r=ahal
881c079b0be2    Bug 1560278 - Prepend "Headless" in Browser.getVersion's product field when firefox runs headless. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato


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