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Full Query
ID Priority Summary Assigned to Status
1526364 P1 Show visual cue when remote agent is active Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1543115 P1 Accomodate to Puppeteer grepping stderr to fetch WebSocket server URL Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1544393 P1 Ship remote agent in Nightly Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1549708 P1 Implement Page.reload's ignoreCache argument Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1590826 P1 Drop stdout workaround from Puppeteer clone Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1590827 P1 Add remote-agent-requested system notification Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1590828 P1 nsIRemoteAgent should return NS exceptions Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1591161 P1 add_task() loses original stack trace because it doesn't re-throw the server-side error Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 ASSIGNED
1591927 P1 Implement Security.setIgnoreCertificateErrors Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1594351 P1 Include remote agent status in about:support Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1596729 P1 Document how to debug system observer notifications Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1599400 P1 Revendor Puppeteer from upstream Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1600081 P1 Fix build instructions with new startup in mind Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1600111 P1 Make nsIRemoteAgent synchronous (was: Exceptions from nsIRemoteAgent are not detected in Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1600121 P1 Get rid of check for target path length on target-created Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 RESOLVED
1600330 P1 Write tests for nsIRemoteAgent interface Andreas Tolfsen 「:ato」 ASSIGNED
1585272 P1 Protocol error (Network.enable): Component returned failure code: 0xc1f30100 (NS_ERROR_FACTORY_EXISTS) [nsIComponentRegistrar.registerFactory] NetworkObserver@chrome://remote/content/domains/parent/network/NetworkObserver.jsm:74 Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1587846 P1 Add "format" and "quality" arguments to Page.captureScreenshot Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1589625 P1 Remote browser chrome tests do not correctly clean-up after tests Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1592643 P1 Implement Target.activateTarget Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1594871 P1 Intermittent remote/test/browser/page/browser_captureScreenshot.js | Size of quality 10 is smaller than default - Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1595112 P1 Improve performance of browser chrome tests by caching the CDP client code across tests of the same domain Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1595528 P1 In-tree Puppeteer unit tests and examples don't work with Chrome/Chromium Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1595697 P1 Implement Emulation.setUserAgentOverride Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1596101 P1 Forward Network.setUserAgentOverride to Emulation.setUserAgentOverride Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1597253 P1 Implement Page.lifecycleEvent Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1597259 P1 Implement Page.setLifecycleEventsEnabled Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1597643 P1 Implement Page.frameStartedLoading Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1598468 P1 Temporarily stop emitting Target.receivedMessageFromTarget events due to massive spamming in the console Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1599994 P1 Implement Page.printToPDF Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] ASSIGNED
1600053 P1 Implement Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] ASSIGNED
1600058 P1 Implement IO.close Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] ASSIGNED
1600317 P1 Add workaround for denying non-CDP methods to be called Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] RESOLVED
1590467 P1 Implement minimal UX for running puppeteer with Firefox Maja Frydrychowicz :maja_zf (UTC-4) ( RESOLVED
1596888 P1 [Puppeteer] Add recommended automation preferences to profile setup when launching Firefox Maja Frydrychowicz :maja_zf (UTC-4) ( RESOLVED
1597877 P1 Implement Page.createIsolatedWorld Maja Frydrychowicz :maja_zf (UTC-4) ( ASSIGNED
1597879 P1 Implement Page.addScriptToEvaluateOnNewDocument Maja Frydrychowicz :maja_zf (UTC-4) ( ASSIGNED
1600959 P1 Implement Runtime.executionContextsCleared Maja Frydrychowicz :maja_zf (UTC-4) ( ASSIGNED
1588622 P2 Implement Page.getLayoutMetrics NEW
1544417 P3 Implement Emulation.setDeviceMetricsOverride's NEW
1553847 P3 Implement DOM.setFileInputFiles NEW
1553849 P3 Implement Network.emulateNetworkConditions NEW
1553854 P3 Implement Runtime.consoleAPICalled NEW
1561401 P3 Add tests to cover DOM.getBoxModel and getContentQuads NEW
1565162 P3 Use JSWindowActor API instead of message manager in the Remote Agent NEW
1567476 P3 Browser.close should not trigger onbeforeunload dialogs NEW
1590830 P3 Redesign the remote agent command-line interface NEW
1591389 P3 Implement support for Fetch.enable, Fetch.disable, Fetch.requestPaused, and basics for Fetch.continueRequest NEW
1591522 P3 Add "flatten" argument to Target.attachToTarget NEW
1593340 P3 Basic tests for Page.navigate NEW
1593770 P3 (command-line handler) about:blank gets parsed as host:port NEW
1595073 P3 Show main target’s WebSocket URL in about:support NEW
1595177 P3 Implement Input.insertText NEW
1595878 P3 Identify default preferences and set them earlier in remote agent setup NEW
1596390 P3 Very poor performance for connecting to Firefox and closing the connection NEW
1596734 P3 Protocol error (Target.setDiscoverTargets): this.browsingContext is null NEW
1596881 P3 [Puppeteer] (Launcher) connect to a running Firefox instance NEW
1596883 P3 [Puppeteer] (Laucher, BrowserFetcher) Download appropriate Firefox version; determine executable path NEW
1596886 P3 [Puppeteer] [CI] Run unit tests against Firefox Nightly NEW
1597343 P3 Runtime.evaluate returns an object id instead of its value NEW
1599413 P3 Implement Page.frameAttached NEW
1599773 P3 Implement Page.frameDetached NEW
1548592 -- [meta] Target.setDiscoverTargets NEW
1548603 -- [meta] Target.getBrowserContexts NEW
1548605 -- [meta] Target.setAutoAttach NEW
1549426 -- [meta] DOM.describeNode NEW
1549435 -- [meta] Page.getFrameTree NEW
1549438 -- [meta] Emulation.setTouchEmulationEnabled NEW
1549487 -- [meta] Runtime.addBinding NEW
1549488 -- [meta] Runtime.callFunctionOn NEW
1549495 -- [meta] Runtime.evaluate NEW
1549515 -- [meta] Page.frameStoppedLoading NEW
1549536 -- [meta] Target.detachedFromTarget NEW
1587422 -- [meta] DOM.resolveNode NEW
1587426 -- [meta] Fetch.continueRequest NEW
1587467 -- [meta] Target.targetInfoChanged NEW
1588432 -- [meta] Emulation.setDeviceMetricsOverride NEW
1588446 -- [meta] Fetch.failRequest NEW

78 Total; 48 Open (61.54%); 30 Resolved (38.46%); 0 Verified (0%);