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The second task to be done before becoming a Coach officially is attending the Coaching Practice Week. You can find more infomration about the training on Coaching Training.


At least every second month there is a Coaching Practice Week organized. This will depend on the demand and can be organized more often if necessary. The Coaching Practice Week is a series of online meetings to practice the learned material together. There will be reality-relevant training exercises everyone can be participate in once they have completed the narrative mentioned in the Training.

Moderators of the training

The Coaching Practice Week is organized and lead by a Coach who has done the same previously and can guide the sessions. As of now, the following persons are interested in helping to run and moderate the training:

  • Luis Sanchez
  • Bob Reyes
  • Henrik Mitsch
  • Mashkawat Ahsan
  • Sayak Sarkar
  • Robert Sayles
  • Konstantina Papadea

The moderator is responsible for:

  • Scheduling two calls (beginning and end)
  • Pairing of coaches to train
  • Creating a Discourse topic for learnings/feedback
  • Answering questions during the exercise period in case some come up
  • Taking notes on participants learnings to phrase a recommendation towards the Council

The Week of Training

Day 1

The leader of the Practise Week organizes a call (recorded) to clear initial questions and lead the coachees through the expected outcomes of this week. This includes:

  • Agenda for the week
  • Introduction to the training cases
  • Pairing of coachees (preferably according to timezones to make scheduling easier)
  • Answer initial questions
  • Share link to Discourse topic for this Practise Week and encourage participants to discuss learnings there already during the week

Middle of the week

In the days in between the two general calls, the paired coachees practise on the training cases. This is best done through a video/audio call. During this exercise participants write down feedback, observations and learnings to provide valuable input for the other person. Learnings are expected to be shared with the group in the Discourse topic. Every case will take approximately 20 minutes to go through. Roles (Coach, Coachee) are switched per case.

The training cases can be found below.

Final call

At the last day of the training week, the moderator invites all participants to share their learnings (which are already posted on Discourse as well by that time) and give feedback. Every participant gets 3-5 minutes to share their learnings and observations applied to the training material. The moderator takes notes of those and comes up with a final recommendation towards the Council to accept/reject a coach.

Training cases

These training cases are open to spontaneous role playing. Trainees are encouraged to go through all of these training cases together and write down their feedback for their training buddy to improve as well as writing down own learnings to be shared in the bigger circle. There are 4 training cases, each of the training cases should take around 15 minutes to play through. If you want to take more time per training case, feel free to adjust it to your liking. As these exercises are done during the week, both trainees should decide on the amount of time to invest together.

Mentee wants to grow the community but wants to know more about organizing this

Your mentee is a part of a small but growing community and would like to know how they can increase their numbers, enable these volunteers to make impact and make their community visible in the local tech scene.

Mentee wants to bring the community to a new level through efficient strategy planning but doesn’t know which skills he/she lacks to do it

The mentee is an existing member of a community who do activities as the opportunity comes (i.e new campaign, invitation from schools) making the community stalled sometimes. The mentee wants to learn how he can step up to drive his community to a better direction.

Mentee wants to develop his/her mobilizer skills

The mentee is an active functional area contributor who has contributed to a couple of projects but this is the first time he'll be involved in a community. He wants to learn how he can reach out to people inside and outside the community to grow and make quality contributors.

Mentee needs help in reactivating his/her community

Being a new rep, the mentee wants to be more involved in being a leader in his community. His community had a lot of achievements before, but it all stalled as community members slowly became inactive due to organizational changes, community conflicts and shifting priorities. He wants to learn how he can move forward as it feels like a big task to him that he isn’t even sure if he can do something about.


According to the involvement of the trainee in the Practice Week, the moderators of the training send a recommendation for every trainee to the Reps Council. Once the Council receives the recommendation, a final decision is done. If successful, the coach gets added to the “Mentors” group (as per normal process) and is being informed. Additionally, if there are any pending assignments of coaches, the coach gets coachees assigned. Further, the Council announces the new coach with a short bio on specialities if there are any.