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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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Notes from the Mozilla Reps Council meeting on 2015/01/07 14:30:00.



Tracking Decisions (Conflict Resolution)

We briefly touched on the subject of how to best record community stories, relevant to conflict, and other outcomes important for future decision makers and accountability - while respecting the privacy of people involved. A big subject, but we're starting to think about best approaches.


(ask me anything with council), this is a Go, hopefully this month - stay tuned. We want this to be as fun as it is informative.


We'll wait another week to review the results of this thread.

Reps & Fundraising

A topic raised by Majken about how to empower Reps in small fundraising opportunities. Conversation will continue .

Reps-general clean-up

Final proposal. Reps General to be limited to Reps only, as a program announcement list - with discussion opportunities open to all on Reps Discourse.

Inactive Reps

Are now at 50% , likely over the holidays this increased. To encourage mentors to reach out to mentees this new year to set goals, checkin. Also mentor training for existing mentors - to bring everyone up to speed on best practices evolved from remocamp.

Recognition Idea

Celebrate people's Reps anniversaries on front page of Portal (as list) and on personal profiles.

ill reach out to see how to expose this data.Thanks!