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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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Notes from the Mozilla Reps Council meeting on 2015/04/15 14:30:00 UTC.



Firefox OS Updates Communication

  • The Council talked about about the announcements and the best way to reach all Reps about them. The information is under NDA for now but probably we'll see some public information to vouched mozillians soon.
  • A group has been formed to help with the communications around this. Council, participation team members and other key volunteers are part of this group that it's meeting regularly.
  • More information soon.

Council Elections

Emma, Raj and Arturo will be ending their term soon. Next Monday the elections process will be initiated.


  • April 20: call for candidates (eligible Mozilla Reps Mentors only) call closes on April 27.
  • April 27: start of campaign period candidates are given 7 days to answer questions and post them on their profile page. Candidates are given 7 days to publish a 30-120 seconds campaign video
  • May 4: deadline for answers and videos to be published Reps are given a week to read through candidate answers and watch their videos.
  • May 13: campaign ends and voting by all Reps who are eligible to vote begins, voting closes after 72 hours.
  • May 17: new elected members are announced and their Council Onboarding begins.

Definitions of Activity Thresholds - Conversion Points

Pierros sent Council a proposal to change the current Rep activity thresholds.

  • Currently we have:
       Core: 4 activities within 4 weeks period (1 per week)
       Active: 1 activity within 4 weeks period (1 per month)
       Casual: 1 activity within 8 weeks period (1 per 2 months)
       Inactive: No activity within 8 weeks (no activity last 2 months)
  • Pierros proposal was:
       Core: 4 activities within 8 weeks (1 per 2 weeks)
       Active: 1 activity within 8 weeks (1 per 2 months)
       Casual: 1 activity within 16 weeks (1 per 4 months)
       Inactive: No activity within 16 weeks (no activity in the last 4 months)
  • Proposal was rejected by Council voting. Council doesn't feel there is need to change these values now.

Communication About Webmaker

Council is still working and talking with Reps who expressed some concerns about Webmaker events.

Better Documenting Council Work

  • Council keeps working on improving communications and transparency.
  • Reps Team will help Council in this matter, specially with extended Council notes and gathering all relevant conversations that happen in the Council.
  • Council also will work to have as many conversations in public places as possible.

Whistler Meetup

  • Conversation about the Mozilla coincidental Work Week in June at Whistler and how Council will take part of it and work with the Reps and Participation team.

Council Responsiveness =

  • Discussion about Council responsiveness to all inquiries we receive.
  • Council reaffirms their compromise to handle all inquiries as soon as possible, but there are some situations that need consultation, voting or even additional conversation with other groups, so some delay should be expected in these cases.
  • Reps Team is working to help the Council more in some urgent interventions.