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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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Notes from the Mozilla Reps Council meeting on 2015/05/20 14:30:00 UTC.



India Task Force Meetup

  • Rosana attended this meetup and had a lot of conversations with a very diverse set of contributors.
  • India is incredibly diverse and big; we can try to tackle challenges specific to India with the volunteers on the ground, rather than making global policies.
  • We should learn from contributors that are very connected to Mozilla's goals and start planning earlier.

Remo 2.0 Initiatives

  • We want to start the "Planning Earlier" initiative, starting now before Q3 starts. We also want to involve Reps wishing to lead projects in this type of initiative.

Community Space Program Experiment

  • Reps Council talked about running a 6-month experiment around Community Spaces in a single region to learn from the experience.

New Mentors and Selection

  • We need to finish the task about "Documenting Mentor Selection Criteria" to be clear about the items Council checks before deciding if a person is ready to be a mentor.
  • We will on board a new mentor soon to handle recent departures.

Mentors Accountability

  • Council talked about how to empower mentors and ensure mentees are happy. We would like to run a survey again and set some procedures to regularly train and update mentors.