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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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What are Peers?

Peers support the Reps Module Owner. See ReMo/Structure_Governance for more information about the Reps Program governance structure.

Current Peers

The current Peers are up to date and listed on the [Community Portal].

Peers Role

Holding Council accountable

  • Hold Council accountable according to defined Accountability agreements

Day-to-day operations

  • Provide context and strategic thinking in day-to-day operations to help Council make decisions

Strategic discussions

  • Provide context and strategic thinking in strategy discussions the Reps Council is having related to the Reps Program
  • Provide context and strategic thinking in Open Innovation discussions
  • Be up-to-date with recent developments in the Open Innovation team by following the monthly Open Innovation Team meetings (live or recorded)
  • Flag decisions we do not agree with regarding the Reps Program early enough to have further discussions before publishing decisions

Healthy Program

  • Organize Reps Council elections
  • Be role-models - activities are transparent and documented
  • Publicly visible, engaging and getting feedback from Reps

Internal processes


  • All Peers meetings are on the Reps Portal as events
  • We publicly interact in Reps Discussions on Discourse
  • Peers Tasks (as far as they can be public) are documented in the Reps issues repository
  • Peers write Discourse posts about their ongoing projects (such as the Council Accountability document we have worked on) to update all Reps about their work

Adding new Peers Workflow

This list is a checklist that needs to be done when adding new Peers.

  • Announce on mozilla.governance list and wait a bit to make sure there is no show-stopper
  • Add to module page on Wiki
  • Announce to all Reps through Discourse
  • Add to reps-peers email alias (Hub ticket filed by Module Owner)
  • Ask Leo to add new Peer to reps_leadership group
  • Add to (gives access to the shared folder we use for the meeting notes for example, make sure the Google Identity Provider is set up in
  • Add group on Reps Portal to profile of new Peer
  • Add to Council/Peers telegram group
  • Add to OI Team Slack channel + standup bot

Currently ongoing projects

Check out the "Peers" GitHub label for Peers-related ongoing projects.

Previous projects

Transparency Experiment (Q4 2019)

We ran an experiment about Council transparency, documented on Discourse.

Council accountability definition (Q3 2018)

We defined a more descriptive list of what Peers expect from Council as well as how we hold Council accountable. This can be seen on the Reps Council page.

Peers & Council interaction definition (Q3 2018)

As part of the project above we also defined on how the interaction between Council and Peers should work.