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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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This kind of meet-up / gathering will fullfil the need of the community's members to meet and talk about goals and steps for the future. Each member will present his activity from past and future scheduled ones. This event serves as the central meeting point for all contributors in a local community.

Examples to illustrate

Optimal size

Depending of the community size (from 5 to 30 people). Duration of the event should be at least a full day and up to three days (not any more).

Time needed to plan

At least a month of preparations.

Budget required

  • Costs for travel + transportation in the city
  • Food
  • Accomodation
  • Possible venue costs for meetings

Staff involvement

No direct staff involvement although local employees should join those events, as they are part of the community.

Objectives/desirable outcomes

  • Lessons learned from each project developed by one of the community member
  • Planning a calendar for next year/few months
  • Getting directions from more experienced Mozillians, the ReMo Council, Community leaders or a project leader at Mozilla
  • Sharing stats of the community (number of contributors, coverage of projects, positives and negatives for each) and the status of Mozilla projects (market share for Fx, new projects, explain changes like rapid release)
  • Education on special topics and areas of workings - PR, project leading skills, presentation skills, etc.

Steps to produce


  1. Have a discussion with all community members - via e-mail over list, via weekly/bi-weekly/ monthly meetings, via IRC to decide a date that everyone is most likely to attend
  2. Choose the person responsible for organizing it - if is not decided before - so he/she can make up a team (being a Rep is a huge plus)
  3. Choose a place - city, region - can be in an outstanding place not necessary a city.
  4. Choose accomodation and venue - take into account the number of participants, distance from accomodation to venue (the best solution is to find a place that has accomodation and also some conference rooms)
  5. Make an official announcement to save the date either via e-mail over a mailing list, via weekly/bi-weekly/monthly meetings or via IRC
  6. Let people know about the scheduled topic and how can they participate in building up topics
This scale of event might need extra help in organizing. Reach out for you mentor and or council members for more info and pointers. This page cannot be exhaustive

Budget request

Special form: Budget Request

Swag Request

Special form: Swag Request

Page creation

  1. Jump on the Mozilla Reps events page and create your event

Agenda & speakers

  • Reports from members
  • Advice and knowledge sharing from more experienced persons
  • Lessons learned
  • Calendar proposal
  • Goals and vision of the community for next period

Spreading the word

Quotes you can use:

  • Let's strenghten our Community
  • Many voices, one Mozilla
  • <use local language puns>


  • Social media SOP
    • Tweet for the event!
    • Define a unique hashtag to facilitate gathering of all the tweets and officialy post it before the event
    • Announce on community Facebook page
    • Announce on local media if this is possible.


Logo of the community and a poster with some main details of the event (like date, place, unique hashtag etc). Ask for help from the Mozilla Design Team or reps-general.

During the event

Make sure to arrive at the venue at least a day before the event starts to make sure all practicalities are OK. You are responsible for all people arriving to the event so make sure that you are in constant touch with them. Write frequent mail updates even during the event. Remember that because you are the host, you are expected to faciliate all sessions, announce them and introduce everyone. At the same time you don't want to intervene as a ruler on descision making. The Community should naturally and meritocraticaly decide and work on things. You are there to make the event itself happen. Make sure everyone understands that.

Wrap-up & reimbursements

Make sure that you do any follow ups after the event. Also update budget request with scanned receipts and your payment details.

Report back

  • Log each apperance of the event in media (wiki post, blog post, FB posts, tweets, etc.)
  • Blog about the event
  • Meeting notes for all the agenda entries
  • The organizer will fill this as entry in his or her ReMo report Report SOP



Make sure to update the wiki page of the event with photos, posts, and links. Write an email to reps-general with links to photos if possible. (Everyone loves photos!)


Write a post on your blog (even a short one) and make sure it appears on ReMo planet.


Local Media

Make sure to update all the communication channels you used during promotion with the outcomes of the event.

Regional Communities

Best way to follow up with them is to cc them in your report to reps-general. They also love pictures!

Q & A

  • Add your Questions here so we can answer them! Remember, this is a wiki, so edit away!


Sample Agenda

Example Events

Budget samples

  • TBD