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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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Mozilla is backed by an amazing and passionate community who not only contribute to and translate Mozilla software, but communicate the ways to get involved and share Mozilla's mission and values at local events. There are many opportunities to (for example) host a booth at an event, organize a local Mozilla meet-up, host an install day and teach people how to use Mozilla products everyday. Let's take advantage of all these occasions to build the Mozilla voice and spread the word.

How To Get Started

There are many ways to get started and a wealth of ideas and experiences to draw from.

Some ideas:

  • Use the Event Hosting Best Practices as a guide
  • Speaking about Mozilla topic at an event near you
  • Helping other community members at an event
  • Organizing your very own Mozilla event, such as a Mozilla Developer meet-up, a "How to use Firefox" session, a hackathon or a MozCamp
  • Representing Mozilla at an already established event, such as a FOSS conference
  • Submit a request for a Mozilla staff member to come and speak at your event

If you are going to speak about Mozilla at an event, do have a look at our information about Public Speaking.

Also don't forget to create an event on the Community Portal.


There "used" to be a simple and clear introduction to the Mozilla project brochure that provided an overview of what Mozilla is and what our great community is doing. However, the link to the brochure is currently broken. A new link will be posted shortly, stay tuned!

Getting Support

Mozilla regularly supports community-driven events or projects that aim to promote Mozilla’s products and mission through financial assistance or with logistical support, as well as speakers for events.

Use the appropriate forms to request Swag, Budget, or a Speaker.

If you need a letter from Mozilla stating that you are organizing this event or doing this activity, please fill out this letter and send it to the Reps Council to help out.

Slides & recording from "Events" workshop of May 1st 2009

A "How to organize an event" workshop was given a while back which could be useful. You can download the slides of the workshop here

Document your event success

If you are the organizer for the event listing on the Reps Portal, you will receive an email notification after the event to report your success. This form asks for a count of the number of attendees and the actual outcomes of the metrics you created.

The form can also be accessed by clicking on Edit Event when viewing the event.

Contact Us

For more information, don't hesitate to contact William Q and Pierros.