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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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Video Basics

Video is a great medium that Mozilla Reps can use for tutorials, quick introductions of themselves or of their community, an event recap etc... This SOP provides some basic tips on how to produce a good quality video using just your computer and some simple software.


No need for fancy equipment to make a fun, interesting and good quality video. Your built-in webcam can easily do the job :)


Your internal microhpone will do the trick. Just make sure you shoot in a quiet place.


Just arrange lamps or natural lighting. The biggest thing is to not be backlit - this will make you silhouetted.


No need for any fancy software either. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Linux:
  • Mac:
  • Windows:
    • You can use a built-in webcam and wmm. Also, Youtube will let you record directly from your webcam. There is a free screencasting software at that is pretty decent. But trying to do something fancy like combine your video and screencasting is not at all easy (if it's even possible without going for much more expensive options).

Compressing and Hosting video

The easiest thing to do is to use youtube - both the screencasting software and imovie will connect to a youtube account and just upload the finished video directly - no messing around

Tips for editing video

  • cut out the boring parts
  • keep it short unless it's soething that really needs to be long
  • if you are doing a screencast - showing how to use something on a computer - please talk and it's good to show your face when you don't have to show the screen (if you are doing an intro or something)
  • making things super short is actually hard work - so be warned :)
  • for your first video shoot, plan to spend half a day on it

Scripted or Improvised

  • Improvisaton: Both approaches have their advantages. If you prefer improvising, make sure to write down bullet points and go over it in your head - think about how much detail you'll go into and then just shoot the video.
  • Scripted: If you prefer having a script, when you write your script , make sure to do the steps one at a time as your write - you will always find unexpected stuff. One thing you will see is that the script usually goes a bit to fast for the actions so sometimes you will have to speed actions up or make the voice-over pause.