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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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This is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) detailing the procedure of vouching for a Mozillian who is applying to join the Mozilla Reps program.

Why vouch for someone?

Vouching for an applicant to the program not only improves the application process but it helps it speed it up. Having an experienced Mozilla Rep support someone's application greatly helps the mentor reviewing it by making him/her make a more informed about the accepting the applicant or not into the program.

Whom should you vouch for?

If you know a Mozillian whom you believe has the qualities and motivation to be a Mozilla Rep, then you should not hesitate to vouch for that person. Think carefully about the responsibilities and activities of the Mozilla Rep and ask yourself if that Mozillian is ready to take the following responsibilities on:

  • represent Mozilla in their country/region
  • promote the Mozilla Project and our mission
  • build on and support existing/future local community efforts and programs
  • inspire, recruit and support new contributors
  • support and mentor future Mozilla Reps
  • document clearly all his/her activities

NB: if the person you wish to vouch for ARE NOT already in the Mozilla phonebook (, then you should carefully ask yourself if the applicant has sufficient experience to apply to become a Rep.

How to vouch for someone?

When a person applies to the Mozilla Rep program, that person needs to fill out a field called "References" where he/she needs to share the name of the person vouching for them. That voucher must be a Mozilla Rep signed-up to the program.

If you want to vouch for someone, just tell that person to indicate your name and user profile page in the "References" field of the form. Once that person has submitted their application, make sure to ask them to copy you on their application bug so you can add a comment explaining why you are vouching for this person. Writing a comment in the bug as the voucher is recommended, but not mandatory.

I've vouched for someone, what then?

If you have vouched for someone, the mentor of that person reviewing his/her application might contact you by email or on IRC to ask you a few questions about the applicant and ask you why you think this person should join the program.