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Available Swag

Available Booth Accessories (not available anymore)

Mozilla Rep Welcome Pack

All Mozilla Reps can obtain their Mozilla Reps "Welcome Pack" with their mentor's approval. This pack includes the basic swag you need to get you started. Some swag items only for you and a basic quantity of swag for starters :)

SPECIAL : ordering your Mozilla Reps Welcome Pack

Check for up to date procedure

Once you have been accepted into the Mozilla Reps program and you have completed at least 2 warm-up activities(see "[Activities]), you can request your official Mozilla Reps Welcome Pack.

To request your pack, follow these steps:

1) Go to swag request form
2) For the fields called "Event Name" and "Event Wiki Page", just enter the link to your Mozilla Reps profile page
3) For the field called "Other (please specify)", type in "Mozilla Reps Welcome Pack" and specify your tshirt size
(NB : make sure to NOT order other types of swag)
4) Submit the form

Once the form is submitted, a bug will be automatically filed and your request will be processed pending your mentor's approval. Make sure your mentor leaves a comment on your bug to say that he or she approves your request.

The bag includes:

  • 10x - Firefox standard-issue buttons
  • 2x - Firefox old-time-classics lanyards
  • 2x - Mozilla Reps the-little-awesome buttons (white)
  • 2x - Mozilla Reps the-little-awesome buttons (black)
  • 5x - Mozilla the-proud-ones transparent stickers (white)
  • 5x - Mozilla the-proud-ones transparent stickers (black)
  • 2x - Mozilla Reps flagship transparent stickers (white)
  • 2x - Mozilla Reps flagship transparent stickers (black)
  • 1x - Mozilla Reps awesome-ready polo shirt
  • 1x - A6 bonus welcome note

Here are some preliminary photos of the welcome pack.

Size guidance

  • Champion Hooded Sweatshirt
Size Width/chest Length Sleeve Length
XS 18" 25 1/2" 25 3/4"
S 19 1/2" 26 3/8" 26 1/4"
M 21 1/2" 27 1/2" 26 3/4"
L 23 1/2" 28 5/8" 27 7/8"
XL 25 1/2" 29 3/4" 28 7/8"
2XL 27 1/2" 30 7/8" 29 7/8"

For more detail, please see here.

  • Reps polo shirt
Size Men Chest (to fit) Ladies Chest (to fit)
S 36/38” 32”
M 40” 34”
L 42” 36”
XL 44” 38”
XXL 46/48”
XXXL 50/52”