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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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Orientation Period

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Bug Whiteboard : Orientation Period

If the applicant is approved to become a Mozilla Rep, his/her mentor should help him/her to get started. This period is called the orientation period (also known as the "hand-holding" period) where the mentor makes sure the new Mozilla Rep completes the following activities:

Tasks for the Mentor

  • Arrange an Orientation call with your Mentee. Mozilla Reps Orientation Calls are scheduled by the mentor approx 2 weeks (no later than 1 month) after a Rep has been officially accepted to the program. An orientation call is an opportunity to help your mentee set goals, clarify communication preferences and to ask questions.
  • Reps get invited to the Portal after signing the agreement. Check with your mentee if they have access.
  • Make sure that the mentee is in the Reps group on the Community Portal - send their username to Francesca to get invited
  • Ask the Rep to create a Mozilla Discourse account and subscribe (watching) to the Reps general category.
  • If the new Rep uses Twitter, suggest to follow the following accounts
  • If the new Rep uses Facebook, ask if they want to join the Reps group
  • Ask your mentee to join the Mozilla Reps channel and Mozilla Reps announcements channel
  • Ensure the new Rep is aware that they can reach out to their mentor for raising any violations of the Reps Agreement observed throughout the program

Tasks for the new Rep (mentee)

Warm-up activities

Reps are accepted into the program based on their skills and for some on their previous involvement in other volunteer programs(non-mozilla activity) and the orientation period should not last more than a couple of weeks although each Mozilla Rep is strongly advised to regularly liaise with their mentors.

The mentor should get his/her Rep involved in some simple but mandatory "warm-up" activities to help them get their footing in the program. These warm-up activities can involve:

  • Hosting an activity [ONLINE/OFFLINE]
  • Introducing yourself to your fellow Reps in your region [ONLINE]
  • Organizing or attending an event [OFFLINE]
  • Host an informal Mozilla meetup (eg. MozCoffee!) [OFFLINE]
  • Giving a talk about Mozilla at a local school or university [OFFLINE]
  • Joining open Mozilla calls (eg. Reps Weekly Call, Mozilla Weekly Project Meeting, etc..) [ONLINE]

Once some warm up activities are completed, mentees can leave the orientation period, check Post-Orientation Period for next steps.

Reps Welcome Pack

To request a Welcome Pack, the Rep must file a bug by following these instructions.

The mentor should approve this request by leaving a comment on the bug once the bug is filed.

A mentor should approve a request for a Reps welcome pack if and only if their mentee has completed a minimum of 1 online warm-activity and 1 offline warm-activity, described above.

Probation Period

If a Rep's first 3 monthly reports do not say anything, their mentor should contact the Rep and decide with the Rep if it is better for them to leave the program for the time being until they are ready to be an active Rep.

Ultimately, the goal of mentors is to provide as many opportunities/guidance as possible for a Rep to reach their full potential.