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This page lists some tips and tricks about how to organize your work in Bugzilla as Rep. You might not have or require any tasks involving Bugzilla, but if you do, make your life easier.


Situation 1: Uhm, what message? I didn't get anything

Check Bugzilla email preferences and verify that at least you are notified "when someone asks me to set a flag" and "New comments are added".

Situation 2: I have 7580 pending bug mails and notifications

Maybe you should review your notification strategy. Our recommendation would be:

  • Let's be honest, mark the 7580 notifications as read, you are not gonna make it any time soon, let's start from scratch.
  • Go to Bugzilla component watch settings and remove yourself from places you really don't need to get every single comment or change.
  • Now go to Bugzilla dashboard and check flags and open bugs that are still assigned to you.
  • Take action!

Situation 3: I have too many emails in one folder