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User flow request swag.png


0) The Mozilla Rep wants to order some swag and gets in touch with a Resource Rep

1) The Resource Rep begins filling out the ReMo Swag request form

2) Only Ressource Reps can request swag using this form. If you are not a resource Rep, you will not be able to see the form.

3) Bugzilla wrangler will review the order. And if it's approved, Bugzilla wrangler is responsible for making the swag order internally through the Swag store and ensures that it is shipped to the Mozilla Rep.

4) If the swag request is rejected, Bugzilla wrangler will comment in the bug explaining why the request was denied.

5) Once the Mozilla Rep receive the swag, they should comment in the bug. So the bug can be closed.

6) The Mozilla Rep must document what and how much swag they need and explain why they need it.