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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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This page contains outdated information. This workflow has been replaced by a Teachable course. If you are interested in the new workflow, read the Teachable page

Purpose of the Webinar

We are experimenting with a Webinar to onboard new Reps. Due to our lacking resources on the coaching side, we are having Webinars to bring people up to speed on program, expectations and processes.

Experimental Workflow

Right now, we will be assigning the Reps Council as Coach for new Reps during this experiment, until on-boarded Coaches have enough capacity to take on new Reps. At that point we will transfer the new Reps to the Coaches. We are still working on details for the Coaching training to make sure that this bottleneck can be solved and we can on-board new Coaches regularly.

In this time, Reps can contact the Reps Council for any questions around the Program and Mozilla. Additionally we will encourage Reps to talk to other Reps through the Matrix group as well as Discourse.

Onboarding Webinars


DONE - Measurements for the Experiment

  • ROTI for Webinar participants > 4
    • Status End of April 2017: The ROTI for the first Webinar was 4.6
  • The second round of the Webinar requires less than 5 hours of preparation in total including the follow-up
    • Status End of April 2017: Due to using the recording of the first Webinar, planning so far has taken less than an hour for the second cohort!
  • The general time to process new applications is reduced by at least 50% compared to 2016 (not including already open, pending applications)
    • Status End of April 2017: So far we have had 2 new applications with non-pending references, both of them took less than 2 weeks for us to react and suggest a warm-up activity.