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This is a Mozilla Reps Website Feature. Please do not edit unless you know what you are doing :)



What is a report

A report is a collection of information about the activities of a mozilla rep for a certain period of time. Reports are filled by the reps themselves and aim to provide extensive info about their past and planned activities.


A report will have :

  • Past Items
    • free text field describing what the Rep has done over the past month
  • Future Items
    • free text field describing what the Rep will do, or plans to do for the next month
  • Recruits
    • Dropdown number from 0 to 10+ indicating the number of new people recruited
    • Free text comment on recruits, where the Rep details his recruits. (This should be changed when /contribute pages of mozilla can included referrer functionality so we can tap into it)
  • Links (multiple)
    • valid URL text field where the Rep can link to sites that help documenting his activities (posts, tweets, pics etc)
    • free text comment field per link
  • Flags
    • Free text field that notifies what a Rep is in need of from his mentor (e.g. for future planning)
  • Date filled
  • Reporting month
  • Overdue or not (see timing below)
  • Comments can be posted after the filling of the report by reps themselves and mentors.


  • Period: Reports are per month
  • Filling: Reports should be filled the first week of a month, for the previous month.

Filling a report about a month should be available as a function starting the last week of the given month (and not ending).

Status by timing

  • On time : A report filled within the last week of the given month or first week of the next one
  • Overdue : A report filled after the first week of the next month
  • Not filled : A report that has not been filled yet (although it should)
  • Ghost: A report that is not owed (not open for filling yet, or past that has been annulled by a mentor/admin (see editing))

Status by content

  • Full : A report filled with all mandatory fields
  • Empty : A report filled but with empty fields (still valid) (check editing below)


Reports should be able to be accessed in three different modes.

  • Full page
  • Snippets when needed (only important info)
  • Fetched through API (not for 0.2)


  • Rep
  • Mentor
  • Admin

Solkar (0.1)

This feature is not targeted for Solkar

Skon (0.2)

All functionality mentioned in Details section should be delivered here unless otherwise noted.

Sarek (0.3)


The bug associated with this functionality is TBD