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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Meeting cancelled due to lack of advance notice being sent.
  • TL;DR: no updates at all vs last meeting.

Roundtable - Personal Status Updates

Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).





  • Some testing, reviewing and commenting.
  • Fixed:
  • Checked in pending review:
  • Waiting for feedback/review:
  • Fixing review comments before checkin:
    • bug 757230 When using add button for permissions in Data Manager set a displayHost
    • bug 798147 Switch to correct pref pane if pref window already open
    • bug 778534 Use image instead of html:img in instant messaging
  • Working on:
    • Various SM Council documents.
    • bug 606683 Allow customization of toolbar in Composer and MailNews Composition
    • bug 639690 [META] Re-arrange code between editor and editorOverlay
    • bug 773979 [META] Switch to new drag and drop api in SeaMonkey
    • bug 657234 Move pasteQuote and pasteNoFormatting into contentAreaContextOverlay
    • File/Folder selection in windows.
  • To Do:
    • bug 639395 Get cmd_fontSize to reflect current state of selected content / content at caret.
    • Prefs-in-a-tab.
    • Create FAQ for Friends of the Fish Tank.
    • Help get composer standalone builds working with --enable-tests.









Pushed to comm-central on CLOSED TREE due to me thinking that the tree is open for SeaMonkey:

  • bug 595235 Make search suggestions work with new search sidebar.
  • bug 870413 Implement permission prompt for desktop notifications in SeaMonkey.
  • bug 870728 The Geolocation prompt should not offer action in PB mode if the action remembers permission for more than a session.
  • bug 871536 Mitigate clickjacking of about:certerror.
  • bug 871541 Remove updateIcon from tabbrowser since it has only one consumer.
  • bug 871548 Query params sent when reporting a phishing site could contain sensitive info.
  • bug 875706 Flip the pref to enable the Content Security Policy (CSP) 1.0 parser for SeaMonkey.

Working on:

  • bug 876430 Update Dataman for changes in DOMStorage and localStorage.
  • bug 879845 Lightning bug 718332 broke SeaMonkey's customize toolbar context menu.
  • bug 881083 [parity-Multizilla] Add a "Validate this page" entry to the Web Development submenu.
  • bug 881221 Don't try to package MSVC dlls if WIN32_REDIST_DIR is not set, in Thunderbird.

Investigating: Other stuff:

  • Did some reviews.
  • Bug triage and Bug discussions.
  • Usual end user support and PR in newsgroups and Mozillazine.


Fixed on trunk/comm-aurora:

  • bug 872133 Focus textbox for "seconds" when checking "Show an alert" in Notifications preference pane.
  • bug 874899 Hide new options in Notifications preference pane when the old alert is selected.

Fixed on trunk:

  • bug 872000 Document the new Private Browsing feature in Help.

Working on:

  • bug 880464 Setting up an RSS account first should not make it the default account.

Helping with:

  • bug 868495 Browser main preference pane cut off on Windows 7 with hardware acceleration enabled.


  • Bug triage, testing, and commenting for SeaMonkey and MailNews Core.
  • End-user information and discussion on MozillaZine.
  • Documented security.tls.version.(min,max) prefs in the MZ Knowledge Base; updates to several other articles.





Any other business?