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SeaMonkey Status Meetings: The Basics

Extensions Compatibility Tracking


  • We need some help with the add-ons listed under the "2.0x" heading. Anything above it will work out of the box with SM 2.7 and later (yay to compatible-by-default!). Perhaps Ratty can go through his xSidebar site and check which add-ons are not compatible with at least SM 2.1 - that would help, too.
  • Since xSidebar itself is not compatible with any recent SM version, it should not be listed as a featured add-on on AMO. We need someone from AMO to check why it's still featured (for at least en-US and de locales).
  • bug 666303 (Seamonkey 2.1 and newer are detected as Firefox 2.1 and newer on the Add-on Site) and bug 671085 Confusing compatibility error when visiting Firefox listing page using SeaMonkey)
    • We don't have a dedicated person here who understands how AMO really works, who to contact in order to actually get things moving etc. Unfortunately. Someone needs to sit down and find the offending logic, wherever it may be (probably in the AMO source, at github).

2.x (Last, Current, Next)

  • Usual reminders:
    • Please make sure that anything that landed on comm-beta (for TB) or mozilla-beta (for FF) which affected non-shared code and which fixed regressions will be fixed on our side, too. Please mark bugs we feel *need* to land on a particular train tracking+ or tracking? so that when we to do a release we can be sure that we don't miss anything.
      • Priority should be given to fixing regressions ASAP. Also keep an eye on and prioritize bugs to be ported from FF/TB that land on branches (Aurora, Beta). We need to keep an eye especially on Session Restore, Sync, Tabbrowser and Address Book.
      • Be careful not to break code shared with Thunderbird, otherwise patches might have to be backed out of string frozen repositories.
    • We now have a webpage for latest builds available for "Legacy Platforms" like PPC (bug 759315) but hikerbiker suggests making the Legacy/PPC link more discoverable (Mozillazine post). IanN agrees that the current link is not easily found. InvisibleSmiley said that he didn't want it to be too obvious or highlighted. IanN thinks splitting and renaming Old to Previous isn't a bad idea and moving Unofficial Releases after it. Perhaps merging Contributed builds into it.
      • This is now bug 788543 SeaMonkey - PPC Legacy links are not easy to find.
      • The point is that the new page lists external projects, i.e. projects we have no control over and where we cannot estimate the level of quality, provide no support etc. InvisibleSmiley really dislikes the idea of exposing any of that more than necessarily. So, if someone puts up a viable suggestion on the corresponding bug and people (read: seamonkey-members) agree that's what should be done, Jens will do it, otherwise not.


  • All contributors who set bugs to FIXED, please also set the Target Milestone (TM) to the current trunk version at the same time if a patch was landed. See public Bugzilla saved search "SM fixed w/o TM" for recent bugs that have TM = ---.

Feature List, Planning