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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? -> frg
  • Nominees for Friends of the Fish Tank:
    • IanN and stefanh for doing reviews and giving feedback

Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn't been recorded in a bug) We should assign people to the open items.



  • frg suggests aligning the source with Fx after 2.57ESR. This means taking most parts of browser and put the old ui and mail integration on top. Reason is that porting bugs gets harder very day and web extensions plus e10s supports needs to be added in the near future.
    • IanN thinks it might be a too huge task. The last time this was done more devs were available.
  • SUSE might port security bugs to 2.49 after formal support ends. We might be able to extend support for the 2.49 ESR line if true.
  • Mozilla is currently removing older apis left, right and in the middle without much concern for the comm-central applications.
    • Everything not used by Firefox is on the chopping block. This includes rdf, XUL templates and apis used primary for classic extensions.
    • It is unlikely that an ESR60 based build will be ready in time after the current ESR52 is deprecated.
    • Backporting bugs to 2.49 or doing an interim 2.53 build with security fixes is being evaluated.
  • Upcoming l10n changes to the build system which need to be monitored.
    • Mozilla plans to check in l20n soon. Unclear what this means for comm-central and the current l10n build configs.
  • New council members frg, rsx11m and ewong were already appointed a few weeks ago. IanN will look into a website update now that the project areas were updated.
  • TODO: Add Adrian Kalla to RelEng team. Overall no change as of today.
  • Discussions and planning about the future of SeaMonkey and if we should set up own builders are still going on.
    • For the previous discussions see the last status meetings.
    • ewong is evaluating the cost and specs for an aws based build system.
    • Cross compiling macOS builds is now possible for Firefox under Linux. This will be done as soon as possible for comm-central.
      • For a possible new infrastructure OSX builders would only be needed for tests. This can be added at a later stage.
    • We need a jumphost, a buildmaster, a Windows and a Linux slave.
      • A Puppet system for setup and configuration is under evaluation.
      • Costs and if we should do an initial 1 yor 3 year setup are still evaluated.
      • Funding is available.
    • We need to start with a static setup and expand as necessary.
    • The current infrastructure will be replaced in Q3/2018 and is already failing.
      • We have 12 linux64 systems, 7 win32 systems (1 dead), 4 OSX64 systems (3 dead).
      • Only vital components (for Firefox) will be moved to the new MoCo data center.
      • The SeaMonkey builders will likely be decommissioned/scrapped and not moved to MoCos new data center.
      • Thunderbird stuff is moving, because its integrated with firefox-relengy-stuff but TB also has a migration plan off MoCo infrastructure
      • ewong is requesting a mac mini on macstadium in bug 1414114. MoCo will provide it initially free of charge.
    • ewong has created a jumphost on aws and is working on the master.
    • Thunderbird is moving to taskcluster. At the current stage not possible to say if we can benefit from this in the future. The Taskcluster setup is complicated.
  • ewong is trying to include rust dynamically. Mozilla no longer provides rust tooltool packages and a bug needs to be opened for every new version now.


  • nsIDOM IDL removals continue and hurt.
    • several nsIDOM removal bugs are in the process of being fixed.
    • RDF templates might no longer be build by default in bug 1362426.
  • de-xbl is in progress.
    • several xbl bindings have been moved to a shared location in comm-central.
    • Current removals are in the process of being fixed.

Status of the SeaMonkey Buildbot Master and Tree

  • Various Bugs open for building.
    • We have only one OSX64 builder left.
    • Linux64 Nightly: bug 1275215 is still open but Linux is building most of the time.
    • Linux64 build: bug 1275218 is still open but Linux is building most of the time.
    • Windows building is done on the loaner.
  • [7th January 2018]
    • Tests have been re-enabled and running but have issues.
      • All tests are red.
    • All trees:
    • [comm-central]:
      • All Platforms Red: bug 1428678 bug 1428608
      • See bug 1420718 for current breakages.
      • DOMi, cZ and debugQA extensions were temporarily disabled to get basic l10n working in bug 1231349.
      • Do not expect to use the 2.56 release yet other than for brief testing. It is fundamentally broken by Mozilla source and api removals.
      • Sidebar and Mail/News are broken because of XUL template removals. See bug 464710.
    • [comm-beta]:
      • Linux*: Orange bug 1415803
      • OSX64: *backlogged*
      • Win32: green
      • See bug 1394144 for current breakages.
      • Do not expect to use the 2.55 release yet other than for brief testing.
    • [comm-release]:
      • Linux*: Orange bug 1415803
      • OSX64: backlogged
      • Win32: green
      • See bug 1379370 for current 2.53 breakages. Tree is at 2.54 already.
    • [comm-esr52]:
  • Notes:
    • Firefox switched to VS0217 15.4.2 and SDK 10.0.16299 for Nightly release builds. comm-central Windows x86 is still build with VS2015.
      • frg has a VS2017 setup guide available and is able to build all trees under Windows with VS2017 and the included VS2015 toolset.
    • IanN would like to check in OSX cross compile config changes. Apple has open sourced the SDK. Legally it should be ok to use it.
    • Windows nightly trunk builds are only done on the loaner. Migrating our Windows builders to Win2008 R2 in bug 1114876 will not happen.
    • Changing the symbol upload URL from Socorro to Tecken is tracked in bug 1422737.
  • See RelEng page for the RelEng status history.

Release Train

  • SeaMonkey 2.49.1 was released on November 4th, 2017
    • Updates from older SeaMonkey versions to 2.49.1 are currently not working (including from 2.48). This has been announced on the project page.
  • The next release will be 2.49.2 build from the ESR branch. The release is tracked in bug 1420707.
    • A meta bug for gtk3 compatibility has been created for 2.49.1 and up bug 1367257.
      • There are at least three problems with gtk3 builds which were not resolved in time (bug 1269145, bug 1267982, bug 1331208).
      • Missing dropmarker in bug 1331208 affects 2.49.1. Fix has been approved for 2.49.2.
      • {bug|1398973}} has been reviewed for comm-central and will be included in 2.49.2.
      • The missing scrollbar buttons patch in {bug|1269145}} still needs some work and will not be included in 2.49.2.
    • The Thunderbird/SeaMonkey branch in mozilla-esr52 has been updated to the 52.5 release level. No additonal changes compared to 2.49.1 where backported in the branch.
    • The trunk version has been set and tinderbox builds are already available.
      • bug 1412639 Image from eml file not shown in Composer will be included but depends on bug 1332705 "Edit Message as new' does not work for message from file.eml" which will not be fixed for this release.
      • bug 1409458 "Privacy Issue: Replying to or forwarding an HTML e-mail with external content" will not be fixed for this release.
      • bug 1417819 which affects image embedding in Composer will be fixed for the release.
      • bug 1406049 is not yet fixed but has a limited audience.
      • bug 1385667 and bug 1394149 fix build issues with gcc 7. We will evaluate if we can backport them to the TB branch in mozilla-esr52.
    • Building will start after the ESR 52.6 fixes are checked in. These will contain the timer mitigation for the Meltdown/Spectre security problems. See bug 1427870.
    • The 2.49.x releases use branches in hg.
    • Updates for 2.49.1 are not working. For 2.49.2 updates need to be tested if they are still working:
      • bug 1274722 Add %SYSTEM_CAPABILITIES% to the SeaMonkey app.update.url preference.
      • bug 1271761 Add CPU features/detection to update URL.
      • ewong has this almost working now. He just needs to do some cleaning up and do some more tests.
      • cZ, DOMi and the Lightning extension will again be excluded because of the l10n problem tracked in bug 1231349.
    • We are evaluating doing official Linux and Windows x64 builds for future 2.49.x releases.
  • If it can be made stable a 2.53 Beta might be done later. At least Download Manager and the bookmarks panel still need some fixes for this to happen.
    • comm-release (2.53) Fx 56 should be kept current for testing as long as possible because addons still fully work in this release.
    • When 56 becomes EOL we will decide if we do a branch for further testing and bug fixing.
    • frg marked some bugs as 2.53 "affected" instead of "wontfix" in case we do a release from this branch later.
    • frg maintains a local 2.53 with backported comm-central and mozilla-central fixes in case we want to do a 2.53. If this can be maintained till 52.9 will be seen. It might be possible to use Security fixes from Waterfox 56 for this too.
  • Discussions if we should match minor version numbers with Firefox are still underway. This would need a coordinated change for either c-c or all trees. All minor versions would be changed and the versions would need to be made available in bugzilla. Lightning version calculation needs to be changed. This will be done at a later date and not for 2.49 ESR.
  • Windows x64 releases
    • Unofficial (contributed build) Win64 builds work.
  • Releases will be done off comm-esr52 and then comm-esr60.
    • Patches which do not concern Thunderbird can be checked into comm-esr52 after getting approval too.
  • We might do a 2.53 Beta release at a later time.
    • frg will speak with ewong what he thinks about it.

Extensions and Plugins Compatibility Tracking

  • Most extensions are now broken in SeaMonkey 2.54+ because of Mozilla api removals.
    • ChatZilla is broken.
    • DOMi is fixed until the next round of removals take place but needs bug 1414398 fixed also.
    • The addon-SDK has been removed.
  • WebExtensions support is tracked in bug 1320556. As of now working on this has not started.
    • This would be needed for a ESR60 based SeaMonkey or we would need to backput a bunch of Mozilla api removals.
  • Evaluation if some extension functionality should be incorporated will need to be done later.
    • Candidates among others are ChatZilla, Lightning, SeaTab X2 and Version Number.
  • Mozilla plans to move the Thunderbird and SeaMonkey add-ons to a new site this year. At the current point in time wo don't have any information about it.
  • Firefox officially removes non-WebExtension add-ons and full-theme support with Gecko 57 [1].
    • new add-ons other than WebExtensions will no longer be accepted for signing as early as Gecko 53.
    • The add-on sdk has been removed from mozilla code for Firefox 57.
    • Adblock Plus and uBlock are both broken in SeaMonkey 2.54+
    • bug 1414398 "Deal with the fallout of bug 1413413 [Remove support for extensions having their own prefs file]" needs to be ported to SeaMonkey too.
    • Most XUL add-ons are broken in 2.55+ because of api removals.
    • Only bootstrapped add-ons will be supported in the near future.
    • Extensions using optionsType 2 can no longer be installed. They need to provide an options url only.
    • Isaac Schemm fixed the "AMO Browsing for SeaMonkey" add-on. It can be downloaded from [2].
  • We will evalute the possibility of shipping pdf.js with SeaMonkey in a future release. frg will look into it when he finds some time.
  • We are evaluating integrating cZ and DOMi into SeaMonkey.

2.x (Last, Current, Next)

  • SeaMonkey Statistics can be viewed at Across all channels we have an approximate ADU of 120k. ADI is about 116,000 on 2.48; about 597,000 on 2.46. Unclear how this translates into installations but around 70.000 users are on the release channel.
  • See Basics page for the usual reminders.
  • Old add-on signing methods has been removed. SeaMonkey and Thunderbird still use them per thread "removing "the old way" of signing add-ons" in Apparently…sions/content/xpinstallConfirm.xul contain the references to them.
  • Unused (in mozilla-central code) xbl bindings are slowly removed. We are being informed about this. stefanh and paenglab did fix the first removals. A shared directory for moved bindings used in all comm-central products has been created.

2.49.x current releases

open tracking (0) tracking requests (5) targeted (0) fixed (55)


  • OSX cross-compiling
  • frg did cross compile 2.49.1 OSX on Linux from comm-esr52 and 2.54 from comm-central sucessfully using the instructions from IanN in bug 1379062. We might need to make this work fast with the current Linux builders to still be able to compile Nightly if the last builder fails and the new MacStadium Mini Mac is not provided in time.
    • It is not sure if the cross-compile can create universal OSX 2.49.1 builds needed for plugin suppprt but this will only become urgent if the last Mac Mini dies.
    • Building with the 10.11 SDK currently causes problems in Firefox and macOS 10.13. This is tracked in bug 1391790.
  • We need someone to work on porting sync 1.5 over to replace legacy sync code. Frg was distracted by other bugs and tasks and didn't look into it yet.
    See: New Firefox Sync has landed in Firefox Nightly. Tracked in:
    • bug 998807 Sync account creation or device pairing fails with exception in BrowserIDManager.
    • bug 1003434 Add support for about:sync-progress.
    • As an alternative to porting sync setting up a sync 1.1 server might work.
    • Sync 1.1 has been removed from the mozilla source tree. If we want sysnc 1.1 to work we need to fork it.
      • Pro: We control our own sync server and are not left at the mercies of Mozilla the next time they change their sync system.
      • Con: Can't sync with Firefox (unless someone writes a Sync 1.1 client for Firefox).
    • frg will disable the sync ui in the source because it is useless right now.
  • frg suggests doing an about:credits page for SeaMonkey contributors. This should link to a new list of people on the SeaMonkey project page.
    • IanN suggests about:smcredits.
    • The mozilla credits page still must be linked because there are many SeaMonkey contributors in it and Gecko is also still the foundation we did and are building on.
  • Stalled. Needs a kick:
    • bug 815954 Click-to-Play: Port bug 812562 (click-to-play blocklisted plugins: reshow urlbar notification as with normal click-to-play).
    • bug 476108 GetShortPathNameW fails under some NTFS junctions [patchlove].
  • Current breakages:
  • Mozilla-central bugs that affect us:
    • bug 1276739 'replace list.txt with a region-aware JSON file format to allow different search configs...'. Regressions for SeaMonkey are tracked in bug 1300198.
      • bug 1300198 Move list.txt over to JSON once bug 1276739 is in.
        • This will likely break search engines and needs to be looked at.
    • A lot of these bugs are due to mozilla-central switching from synchronous APIs to Asynchronous APIs.
    • The C++ downloads manager backend nsIDownloadManager is being decommissioned. Firefox and Thunderbird have migrated to jsdownloads. Its going away in
    • bug 825588 Asynchronous JavaScript API for downloads and bug 851471 Decommission nsIDownloadManager. Tracked in:
      • bug 888915 Move SeaMonkey to the new JavaScript API for downloads when nsIDownloadManager is decommissioned. Needs further work.
    • bug 1378089 Figure out what to do with bookmarks transactions. Probably needs a lot of work after SeaMonkey 2.53.
  • [adriank] would like to drop DOMi or at least not bundling it with release builds in bug 1273222. Open for discussion.
  • [rsx11m] did open bug bug 1305902 for certificate pinning. Discussion if it should be enabled for SeaMonkey is still underway. Callek commented in the bug.
  • Nightly and Aurora updates are broken. bug 1321131 might be the cause. Aurora users need to be migrated to another channel if possible.
  • The l10n cummunity server hosting Adrians builds is still down and the builds missing.

Feature List, Planning

Bug statistics for the last two (full) weeks: 15 new, 7 fixed, 2 triaged.

  • low triaging effort (likely due to the holidays), average number of new bugs filed.

Open reviews/flags: 34 review 5 super-review 1 ui-review 15 feedback

  • See Feature List page for major wanted/needed features.
  • TODO:
    • Encrypted Media Extensions / Digital Rights Management
      • bug 1127784 added a preference and UI to enable/disable playback of Encrypted Media Extensions, with UI seen in non-release builds only
      • More work appears to be needed to download necessary 3rd-party Content Decryption Modules, some UI can probably be ported from Firefox
  • Mozilla wants to Move Thunderbird off MoCo infrastructure and onto their own, which will likely affect SeaMonkey as well
  • Fundamental core features Firefox/Mozilla plans to remove:
    • bug 1222546 Product plan: remove support for heavyweight themes
      • This has been officially removed with Firefox 57. We are still able to ship and use complete themes in SeaMonkey.
    • bug 1397874 tracks the xbl bindings removal. Only bindings used in Firefox will be kept for now until they are replaced with who-knows-what.
  • SeaMonkey Composer is outdated. Ratty thinks that using backports or parts of KompoZer [3] might solve some of the problems.
  • x64 Linux and for the first time x64 Windows builds will be made official as soon as possible.
    • Unofficial Linux builds just need to be declared official.
    • Providing Windows x64 builds is tracked in bug 482143.
  • The website and wiki are outdated. InvisibleSmiley no longer maintains the website. The website was updated but it still needs work. Volunteers welcome.
  • frg suggested asking for donations in a future release. Probably during startup or more prominently on the website.
  • frg suggested a tabbrowser.xml overhaul because it's becoming harder to backport fixes from Firefox.
    • IanN suggests doing small patches which are easier to review.
  • There are reports that the PayPal donation on the website doesn't work for USD. It seems the amount is converted to Euro (probably correct if it is a German account).
  • Images should be vectorized and be svg if possible for future updates and HiDPI compatibility.
  • bug 1384172 Expose intl.regional_prefs.use_os_locales in the UI in SeaMonkey is new. Either the language prefs need to be enhanced and moved out of the brower or the new pref should be put somewhere else. No final decision yet. rsx11m will look into it.
  • bug 1414390 needs to be ported. intl.locale.requested locale list needs to replace general.useragent.locale. Thunderbird did this in bug 1423532.
  • bug 1424602 will fix preferences breakage after their removal in bug 1379338.

Roundtable - Personal Status Updates

IanN generally will handle more complex review requests. frg, rsx11m, stefanh and ewong can also do reviews in their areas of expertise. For bigger changes and branch approvals outside of the build system IanN needs to be involved

Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).




Waiting for review:

  • Nothing ready for action.

Waiting for feedback:

  • bug 1370314 SeaMonkey 06/2017 installer rollup. Waiting for feedback what should be taken. Probably not much more right now. Took some parts to other bugs.
  • bug 1269145 Show gtk3 scrollbar buttons in SeaMonky. The only way I got this working in Classic is by duplicating and enhancing scrollbar.css. Advice welcome.

Checkin ready:

  • bug 1331208 Fix to show the menulist- and history-dropmarker under newer GTK3 versions in SeaMonkey. Will fix nits and push.
  • bug 1398973 Active tab is not visibly emphasized with classic theme and gtk3 or the Windows Classic theme. Will fix nits, push and ask for esr52 a?

Waiting for branch approval:

  • nothing and none

Almost done:

  • bug 1403067 Remove nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement, nsIDOMHTMLInputElement in SeaMonkey. aceman did the patch. Just rebased and need to test it.

Working on:

  • bug 521861 After creating news account through clicking news URL Account Wizard is broken. On the backburner.
  • bug 796994 Use filepicker's open() instead of the obsolete show() in suite.
  • bug 1231349 10n repacks broken on with SM 2.42 and newer. DebugQA WIP patch done. extensions temporary disabled to get l10n builds.
  • bug 1293618 "Clear History from Private Data" completely broken (only test part left). A little on the backburner.
  • bug 1296850 Show standard loading indicator images in tab when busy or progress attribute are set. On the backburner. Asked someone who wants to help out to look at the icons. Got the icons but have no time at the moment.
  • bug 1326377 Media view 'Save As ...' for embedded(?) picture fails. Need to find out how to get the private window status.
  • bug 1374094 Update debugQA extension for older SeaMonkey versions. Need to move a function from editor into the patch and retest it.
  • bug 1379062 Enable cross-compile on SeaMonkey Linux machines. Sucessfully compiled 2.49.1 and 2.54 locally.
  • bug 1392929 Port Bug 886907 [Remove old synchronous contentPrefService] to SeaMonkey. Helping Bill and maybe doing the Data Manager part later.
  • bug 1402645 Build Lightning binary components for 2.49.1. Needed for 2.49.1!. Temporary fix in the esr branch.
  • bug 1378089 Figure out what to do with bookmarks transactions. Took the Firefox Library dialog code and adapted it to SeaMonkey. WIP right now.

On the list (the actual one in Brain 1.0 is longer and gets longer every day)

  • Followup for bug 888915 Convert SeaMonkey Downloads Manager to Downloads.jsm.
  • Followups for bug 1379369 to TriggeringPrincipals and UserContextIDs in more functions.
  • Looking at the bookmark async transactions api before we break
  • Putting updated debugQA and DOMi extensions on AMO. Started with debugQA and noticed that it was no longer compatible with older versions. Finalizing the bugs now.


  • No time for Sync at the moment.

Other things on my mind:

  • --enable-optimize=-O2 should be used for Windows release builds. Linux gcc --enable-optimize optimizes for speed. With VS2015 it optimizes for size. Resulting O2 Windows build feels a lot snappier. Will ask glandium about it.


Rainer Bielefeld



Still planning to look into: (will be next year though)

  • bug 493217 add UI pref for media.autoplay.enabled
    • Move related items to a new Appearance → Media prefpane
  • bug 1384172 Expose intl.regional_prefs.use_os_locales in the UI in SeaMonkey
  • bug 1318852 Make labels of cmd_properties action-oriented and context-sensitive, e.g. "Edit Contact", "Edit List", etc.
    • "real" fix

Awaiting new patch for ui-review:



Any other business?

Any other business?

  • The next meeting will be held in two weeks: Sunday January 21th, 2018, 15:00 UTC