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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? -> frg
  • Nominees for Friends of the Fish Tank:
    • nuke, njsg and buc for bug hunting and testing fixes for late 2.53.5b1 issues

Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn't been recorded in a bug) We should assign people to the open items.



  • The project areas on the website need further updates to reflect the current responsibilities after some long time developers and maintainers left the project. bug 1356106 has already been filed.
  • We want to create a gitlab patch/fixes repo for classic XUL extensions.
    • IanN is looking into it.
  • Some SeaMonkey SVG icons are not available to the public.
    • KaiRo has sent some svgs to IanN. We need to find a place for the remaining ones.
    • buc has created some missing icons png sizes. IanN and frg will integrate them into the SeaMonkey source tree.
    • bug 1674589 has been created as a meta bug for tracking these branding updates.
    • A preliminary patch for adding them to the source treew was added in bug 1362210.
    • buc has added more fixed icons.
    • If the timeframe allows we will all add this to the 2.53.6 beta 1. If not they will likely show up in 2.53.7.


Status of the SeaMonkey Infrastructure

  • We are building up a new infrastructure using Azure.
    • ewong has been looking at Kallithea, RhodeCode and other similar tools which are needed later to automate source code management for non mozilla repos (tools, website and others).
      • Also evaluation of Ansible and Terraform going together with it is done.
    • Jenkins is being set up on the builders.
      • ewong is making progress setting up automated build jobs using it. This will still take some time.
    • Cloning the mozilla- repos is problematic. They are huge and the process is slow.
      • Incremental updates need to be done whenever possible later.
    • ewong waits for info from mhoye to be able to work out traffic requirements.
    • ewong is evaluating what to do to move away from the mozilla provided crash stats server.
  • Please see Infrastructure Status
  • frg thinks we should move the config files for building out of the source tree as much as possible.
    • IanN remarked that they are tied to the version in the tree.
  • Mozilla switched Windows builds to cross compile on Linux.
    • This would need backports but is not 100% native (needs Wine). So currently no plans to do this for SeaMonkey.
    • Discussion for later when setting up jenkins. Even buildbot had some version specific files outside the tree.
  • Some Capacity planning to find the best price/performance ratio is carried out.
    • Other than azure hosting options because of price are also evaluated.
  • We need a breakpad server for submitting crash reports. Thunderbird is also also affected and must set up their own server.
    • The date we need to switch has been postponed by Mozilla. We will be able to use the Mozilla crash-stats till Q2 2021.
  • The WGS9s servers are working fine and unofficial builds are being released.
  • We are looking at hg heptapod to mirror some of code. Plans not finalized yet.
    • If we do this then mirroring between gitlab and heptapod needs to be figured out.
    • One candidate would be the website code currently mirrored manually.
    • Mercurial and Tortoise Hg are now hosted there after bitbucket dropped hg and removed all repos.
  • VS2019 will not be upgraded to 16.8 on the Windows builder.
    • The clang breakage has been fixed by updating clang to 11 but x86 VS2019 builds fail in the link step.
    • Bill uses VS2017 for now which is much more stable together with clang and is still being updated.
  • All domains but .hu have been transferred. The .hu transfer is ongoing.
  • We might discontinue the gated SeaMonkey newsgroup mailing lists.
    • At least the archiving of the lists should be discontinued.
    • Newsgroups themselves and the internal lists are unaffected.
  • We are discussing updating compilers for the official x64 Linux and macOS builds.
    • gcc 6.3.1 for Linux and clang 5 for macOS are somewhat outdated now.
    • buc reported a perceived performance gain using a modern compiler compiling Linux x64 under Fedora.
    • gcc 8 and clang 7 are available for centOS 7 and would not break minimum library dependencies for Linux x64 builds.
      • Change of compiler support will be internally discussed for 2.53.6 and up.
    • frg and WG9s use clang 8 and 9 for macOS builds. Mozilla uses clang 9 which works fine.
    • Linux x86 builds need to stay on gcc 6.3.1.
    • frg proposes to end 32 bit release support in 2021. Main reason is that modern websites are memory hungry and the 32 bit only architecture cause more and more oom crashes and subsequent complaints. Mozilla recently stopped testing Linux x86 releases too.

Status of the SeaMonkey Source Tree

  • Starting with ESR60 2.57 all builds need to switch to mozilla as topsourcedir. Support for comm-central and comm-esr60 as top source dir is no longer supported.
    • Do not expect to use any 2.58+ release yet other than for checking if it builds. They are fundamentally broken by Mozilla source and api removals. Bugs for the 2.57 release will also land in comm-central.
  • [comm-central]:
    • Windows, macOS and Linux builds.
    • Do not try to use the comm-central release.
    • The installer still works...
    • comm-central builds will no longer be published on the unofficial site.
    • bug 1611647 was filed for SeaMonkey to do the rename from xul to xhtml files and references.
    • See bug 1452448 for current comm-central breakages. This is not up to date.
  • [comm-esr60]:
    • The 2.57 builda are based on the last ESR60 changesets.
    • The hg repo is closed. Future patches will be checked into our gitlab 2.57 repos.
      • The gitlab repos have been set up but will remain private until the first alpha build is released.
    • An unofficial 2.57 is available from WG9's website. We accept filing bugs against it.
    • For building you need to apply the patches from Bills 2.57 website.
    • For building with webrender enabled (unsupported and not working) or stylo (default) please stay at Rust 1.37 for now.
    • Do not expect to use the 2.57 release yet other than for testing.
    • Sidebar, Help and Mail/News are broken because of XUL template removals. See bug 464710.
    • Please file bugs only against the browser part or the ChatZilla and debugQA add-ons unless you know a specific problem is new and needs to be fixed. In any case check the existing bug reports to not generate bug noise.
    • See bug 1433370 for current 2.57 breakages.
  • [comm-release56]:
    • The 2.53.x builda are based on the last 56 release changesets in comm-release and mozilla-release.
      • An updated unofficial 2.53.x is available from WG9's website. We accept filing bugs against it.
    • For building please apply the patches from Bills website to the noted comm-release and mozilla-release changeset.
      • If you want to build the latest release without pending fixes you can also check out from gitlab.
      • stylo and webrender building is currently broken but disabled by default.
  • [comm-beta]:
    • We currently do not track nor update comm-beta.
    • Do not try to use any current comm-beta based release.
    • See bug 1452448 for current comm-central breakages.
  • [comm-release]:
    • We currently do not track nor update comm-release.
    • Do not use any current comm-release based release.
      • This repo is practically unused these days and may be retired. See bug 1619767.
    • See bug 1452448 for current comm-central breakages.

  • [comm-esr78]:
    • Thunderbird plans to do a unified comm-esr78 repository including the mozilla Gecko code.
    • Thunderbird will use a separate l10n repository to be able to do point releases with l10n changes.
    • We are still updating the code and will not be able to do initial ESR78 based releases.
    • bug 1644037 tracks the TB 78 release.

Release Train

  • SeaMonkey 2.53.x / Gecko 56 in our gitlab comm-release repo.
    • The SeaMonkey final was released after the meeting on November 17th.
      • The release was tracked in bug 1677306.
      • The release notes and website update were tracked in bug 1677305.
      • The sources can be checked out from the 2_53_5_1_final branches in the gitlab project repos.
      • The release fixes an incompatibility with Apple Big Sur bug 1677316.
      • te release also contains a security fix and a fix for av1 detection.
    • The SeaMonkey 2.53.5 final was released on November 13th.
      • Unlike IanN and frg rsx11m was surprised.
      • The 2.53.5 release was tracked in bug 1676264.
      • The release notes and website update were tracked in bug 1676265.
    • NSS 3.49 and up drop the dbm compatibility module. This has been restored for 2.53.2. Later we might do a hard block upgrading from an older release.
      • Distributions using the system nss might need to adjust compile settings for this.
    • Compiling with a current rust version works only with stylo and webrender disabled.
    • Toolbar Buttons 1.1 and 1.1.1 is broken because it uses an obsolete and removed string l10n api. Standalone toolbar buttons and seem to work.
    • The following bugs are not yet fixed in 2.53.x:
      • bug 1409458 "Privacy Issue: Replying to or forwarding an HTML e-mail with external content".
    • A meta bug bug 1584728 tracks the rdf removal from SeaMonkey.
    • The big security problems which were in the public up to the latest ESR 78.4 are fixed.
      • The current full security level as of today is more or less at 60.8.
      • Old 2.53.x bugs are still marked as not fixed in bugzilla. We will mark them as fixed asap.
    • Compiler support is up to date.
      • clang 5, 7, 8, 9 or 11, gcc 6.3.1, gcc 7 to 9 can be used to build 2.53.4 on Linux or clang only for macOS. Support for gcc 5.x and 4.x has been removed.
      • Mozilla skips clang 10 support and will go straight to clang 11. We will not support clang 10 either. gcc 9 and up did not get much/any testing so ymmv.
      • clang 7, 8, 9 or 11, VS2017 15.9.13+ and VS2019 up to 16.6.5 are supported under Windows. Support for VS2015 and earlier VS2017 versions has been removed.
      • The official releases are compiled with VS2019 16.6.5 for Windows, gcc 6.3.1 for Linux and clang 5 for macOS. Rust 1.37 is used.
    • The unofficial release is now at 2.53.6 Beta 1 pre.
      • 2.53.x fixes are available from the wg9s website.
      • With 2.53.6b1 pre we aligned the configuration with 2.57. The mozilla sources are now in the topsourcedir. The comm-release source is in a comm directory in it and the application is now comm/suite.
      • Support for vertical tab display is added in bug 1607041.
    • WebExtentions dictionary support is being worked on but no ETA.
    • Please use the new Calendar component for reporting and tracking respective bugs!
    • We are looking into adding support for Custom Elements and Shadow Dom in a later release. No ETA yet. This is or will also be supported in 2.57.
      • Google owned/based websites like youtube are likely to break because of this in the near future. There are already reports of broken functionality on youtube.
    • mozbuild 3.3 is currently not supported under Windows. Please stay with 3.2 for now.
    • Some users report heavy memory usage compared to 2.49.5 but no specific problem or common cause has been found yet.
  • SeaMonkey 2.57 Gecko 60 in comm-esr60.
    • SeaMonkey 2.57 will be developed together with 2.53 and then released as soon as possible.
      • Because of not enough developers this is a slow go and we will distribute interim 2.53 versions.
    • 2.57 will be build from a new 2.57 gitlab repo based on the comm-esr60 repo.
      • The sources are currently marked private in our gitlab project repos.
      • An alpha 1 source is being prepared.
      • The comm-esr60 repos are closed. All fixes not in them are available from wg9s website until the gitlab repo is ready.
      • frg maintains the patches for 2.57 on gitlab in a private repo. As with 2.53 anyone who wants access can send him an email but Bills repo is usually up to date.
    • Mail and news are still broken in SeaMonkey 2.57.
    • Ad and Script Blocker support needs WebExtension support in SeaMonkey 2.57.
      • Like 2.53 l10n needs to be hand rolled. The strings from 2.53 and comm-central will be used as a base.
      • To test l10n building 2.57 is now available in German on wg9s website.
        • The cZ language pack is no longer compatible because 2.57 switches to webextension language packs. A hack has been put into the de package till this is solved.
      • comm-central only patches must not delete any strings in the suite en-US directory until 2.57 is out.
        • For backported changes strings can be deleted.
      • When doing patches please make sure to change the l10n labels when the content changes.
      • cZ strings will be copied to suite. This is tracked in bug 1606400.
      • cZ, debugQA and the Lightning extension will be compatible with 2.57.
      • DOMi is currently broken in 2.57 and will be retired for 2.57. See also bug 1273222.
    • Thunderbird did switch to WebExtension dictionaries.
    • Compiling 2.57 with rust >= 1.33 needs fixes which are only in the unofficial patches queues. Webrender does not compile with rust 1.38 and up.
    • VS2019 and other current compiler support was ported from 2.53 to 2.57.
      • We currently do not plan to switch to ESR78 because of source plus api removals and changes. We will continue to use the esr60 branch for now.
    • Lighting is fully integrated into TB 78. We plan to port this to 2.57.
  • General SeaMonkey release issues.
    • For now we will not use a Meta bug to track problems in ESR 78. bug 1452448 for current comm-central breakages will kept up to date.
    • ewong tries to fix the update process for the aus3 server. This is broken since 2.48.
    • A meta bug for gtk3 compatibility has been created for 2.49.1 and up bug 1367257.
    • When updates are working again the following bugs need to be looked into:
      • bug 1274722 Add %SYSTEM_CAPABILITIES% to the SeaMonkey app.update.url preference.
      • bug 1271761 Add CPU features/detection to update URL.
    • Discussions if we should match minor version numbers with Firefox are still underway. This would need a coordinated change for either c-c or all trees. All minor versions would be changed and the versions would need to be made available in bugzilla. Lightning version calculation needs to be changed. This will be done at a later date and not for 2.49 ESR.
  • Useful Firefox Release Schedule link: Releases Scheduling
    • Last Merges: October 19th, 2020
    • Next Merges: November 16th, 2020 (mozilla-beta → mozilla-release pre-merges are no longer announced separately)
    • SeaMonkey is now at version 2.81a1. Gecko is at version 84.

Extensions and Plugins Compatibility Tracking

  • Thunderbird did discontinue classic add-ons with the ESR78 based release.
    • Mozilla removed the last traces of classic add-ons from the Gecko source code. They can no longer be installed.
    • Enigmail was discontinued for Thunderbird and OpenPGP is being integrated.
      • The OpenPGP integration is tracked in bug 22687. and is shipped with TB 78.2 and up.
  • cZ will be integrated into SeaMonkey for the 2.57 release.
    • IanN suggested forking it and has created bug 1551033.
    • The language pack for cZ will be removed and a translated cZ will be included. Language packs need to be in WebExtension format for 2.57 otherwise.
  • Our distributed extensions do not always get updated during a new install.
    • IanN plans to look into this.
    • buc proposes to move them all to the extensions folder to overcome some problems. bug 1659298 tracks this.
  • WebExtension support in SeaMonkey is tracked in bug 1320556. As of now working on this has not started.
    • This would be needed for a ESR60 based SeaMonkey 2.57.
    • Some backports for adding Web extension dictionaries to 2.53 have been done but more is needed.
  • Evaluation if some extension functionality should be incorporated will need to be done for the 2.57 release.
    • Lightning is still working in 2.57.
    • NoScript, Adblock Plus and uBlock are broken in SeaMonkey 2.54+
    • SeaTab X2 and Version Number work in 2.57.
    • debugQA works in 2.57.
    • Chatzilla 0.9.96 works in 2.53 and 2.57.
    • DOMi will be dropped. See bug 1273222.
  • NoScript Classic 5.x is still being updated. Currently 5.1.9.
  • uBlock Origin is still being updated. The latest legacy version is currently
  • Session Manager is still being updated. Latest version is and supports SeaMonkey 2.53.x.
  • IanN created an SM version of the QuickText add-on.
  • A SeaMonkey Calendar component is now available in Bugzilla.
  • The SeaMonkey and Thunderbird add-ons are now hosted on [1].
    • The old add-ons website api has been removed in bug 1402064 for Gecko 60 and up. We might need to do some further porting here to smoothly integrate installation from the add-ons site.
    • The website has been updated and points to [2].
  • We will evalute the possibility of shipping pdf.js with SeaMonkey in a future release. frg will look into it when he finds some time.
  • Mozilla removed all classic add-ons from AMO. Rainer_Bielefeld filed bug 1517828 to see if missing add-ons can be re-added. The add-on converter also no longer works because of this.
    • Suggestion is to use a third party archive ca-archive and xpi.
  • Flash support ends in 2021.
    • We will discuss plans to keep it for a while or removing support then.
    • Safari 14.0.1 removed support for it.
    • Firefox will remove support on January 12th.
    • Microsoft will kill it on the next patch day.
    • frg wants to kill it fast too.

2.x (Last, Current, Next)

  • See Basics page for the usual reminders.

2.53.x release branch (2.53.4 released)

open tracking (0) tracking requests (35) targeted (2) fixed (281)

2.57.x next esr release branch (future)

open tracking (1) tracking requests (93) targeted (0) fixed (270)


  • Sync is no longer working. The goal for 2.53 and 2.57 is to restore sync 1.1 and set up a sync 1.1 server.
    • Sync 1.1 has been removed from the mozilla source tree. If we want Sync 1.1 to work we need to fork it.
      • Pro: We control our own sync server and are not left at the mercies of Mozilla the next time they change their sync system.
      • Pro: Our users don't need an Fx Account.
      • Con: Can't sync with Firefox (unless someone writes a Sync 1.1 client for Firefox).
    • The sync ui has been disabled in 2.57+ in bug 1432273.
    • Long term we need someone to work on porting sync 1.5 over to replace legacy sync code after 2.57. See: New Firefox Sync has landed in Firefox Nightly. Tracked in:
      • bug 998807 Sync account creation or device pairing fails with exception in BrowserIDManager.
      • bug 1003434 Add support for about:sync-progress.
  • frg suggests doing an about:credits page for SeaMonkey contributors. This should link to a new list of people on the SeaMonkey project page.
    • IanN suggests about:smcredits.
    • The mozilla credits page still must be linked because there are many SeaMonkey contributors in it and Gecko is also still the foundation we did and are building on.
  • Tests are broken. Priority for new features or ports according to IanN is to get the code working.

frg suggests splitting off the tests to separate bugs for tracking and hopefully fixing in the future. With the current dev resources at hand he is not very hopeful about fixing the tests anytime soon.

  • The search.json format will change soon. We need to look into this only if we plan to do a ESR 78 based release.
  • We might need new SeaMonkey bugzilla component for tracking website problems with our product.
    • Non working websites should be verified against a genuine Firefox 56 and 60 before filing a bug.
      • If a website does not work in Firefox 60 it is either fundamentally broken or needs some later not yet implemented features.
      • If a website works in both 56 and 60 it is usually only problem with incorrect user agent sniffing. Bug should either be closed or moved to the tech evangelism component then if the triager does not think it is a problem with SeaMonkey implementation.
    • In any case probles with specific websites only should be discussed in the support groups first.
  • Stalled. Needs a kick:
    • bug 815954 Click-to-Play: Port bug 812562 (click-to-play blocklisted plugins: reshow urlbar notification as with normal click-to-play).
    • bug 476108 GetShortPathNameW fails under some NTFS junctions [patchlove].
  • Apple M1 and later arm support needs to being looked into for a later release.
  • Current breakages:

Feature List, Planning

Bug statistics for the last two (full) weeks: — new, — fixed, — triaged.

  • generally low activity on trunk, focus on branches towards releases

Open reviews/flags: 14 review 3 super-review 1 ui-review 15 feedback

  • See Feature List page for major wanted/needed features.
  • TODO:
    • Encrypted Media Extensions / Digital Rights Management
      • bug 1127784 added a preference and UI to enable/disable playback of Encrypted Media Extensions, with UI seen in non-release builds only
      • More work appears to be needed to download necessary 3rd-party Content Decryption Modules, some UI can probably be ported from Firefox
  • Fundamental core features Firefox/Mozilla plans or did remove:
    • bug 1446341 The XUL "tree" widget will be removed from mozilla-central
      • Major bummer, will affect MailNews and other windows, Core bug 1446335
    • bug 1444685 XUL overlays are gone (SeaMonkey)
    • bug 1222546 Product plan: remove support for heavyweight themes
      • This has been officially removed with Firefox 57. With Firefox 61 theme support has been removed from the source. The Modern theme no longer works in SeaMonkey.
    • bug 1397874 tracks the xbl bindings removal. Only bindings used in Firefox will be kept for now until they are replaced with who-knows-what.
      • Overlays are now also gradually being removed. Mozilla has converted tabbrowser.xml to tabbrowser.js. Needs to be done for SeaMonkey in a later release too.
  • The website and wiki are outdated. InvisibleSmiley no longer maintains the website. The website was updated but it still needs work. Volunteers welcome.
  • frg suggested asking for donations in a future release. Probably during startup or more prominently on the website.
  • frg suggested a tabbrowser.xml overhaul because it's becoming harder to backport fixes from Firefox.
    • IanN suggests doing small patches which are easier to review.
  • There are reports that the PayPal donation on the website doesn't work for USD. It seems the amount is converted to Euro (probably correct if it is a German account).
  • Images should be vectorized and be svg if possible for future updates and HiDPI compatibility.
  • bug 1414390 needs to be ported. intl.locale.requested locale list needs to replace general.useragent.locale. Thunderbird did this in bug 1423532.
  • More and more websites do poor browser sniffing or pretend to require a later browser version.
    • We need to evaluate if a user agent switcher should be incorporated into SeaMonkey.
    • For some google services like maps you need to set a plain Firefox useragent to avoid problems.
    • For github you need to set the gecko Version to 60.
    • We plan to add a generic user agent for github and 2.49 / 2.53 only. See bug 1505460.
  • bug 1463738 Bookmarks descriptions are taken out of Gecko 62.
  • Live bookmarks and rss support is taken out of Gecko 63 in bug 1477667. bug 1477670 might affect us too.

Roundtable - Personal Status Updates

  • IanN generally will handle more complex review requests. frg, rsx11m, stefanh and ewong can also do reviews in their areas of expertise. For bigger changes and branch approvals outside of the build system IanN needs to be involved.
  • a+ from trusted regular patch authors/reviewers for ESR60 / 2.57 is implied as long as it only affects the suite directory. This will change back to a general needed a+ when the tree becomes more stable and will be announced then. If in doubt ask for approval.

Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).




Checked in for 2.53+:

Waiting for checkin:

Waiting for review:

  • bug 1645892 Port changes to SSLStatus interfaces to SeaMonkey
  • bug 1646495 Stop using nsIDocShell::forcedCharset in SeaMonkey
  • bug 1677306 Update SeaMonkey website for final release
  • bug 1600103 Port |bug 296655 - selection of multiple mailboxes/folders in the folders pane is possible but not usable| to SeaMonkey
  • bug 1677365 Switch FCC menu away from RDF
  • bug 1677366 Switch get new messages away from RDF

Waiting for feedback:

Working on:

  • bug 1633729 Update about:buildconfig to display comm as well as mozilla source information - comm-central part
  • bug 1620789 Add source code download and build instructions to the website
  • bug 1616034 Update SessionStore code for SeaMonkey
  • bug 1612386 Don't always update lastRelatedTab information when browser.tabs.insertAllTabsAfterCurrent is true
  • bug 1606400 Land strings for IRC client in SeaMonkey
  • bug 507601 Port |bug 414038 - Replace rdf-driven folder pane with a js-driven/non-rdf treeview| to SeaMonkey
  • bug 1577372 Working copy functionality was removed from page info window
  • bug 1573595 [meta]Update pageInfo files
  • bug 1578061 [meta]Update SeaMonkey's context menu
  • bug 1581176 [meta]Update SeaMonkey's certificate / net error handling UI
  • bug 1579640 Fix access key clashes in prefs
  • bug 657604 Remove the RDF global object. (Port bug 437869 to SeaMonkey.)
  • bug 1380613 sessionrestore will not restore anything if another tab is open
  • Backporting changes needed for build system

Back burner:


Rainer Bielefeld


Not really working on:

  • bug 1441016 Port bug 1414390 "Add intl.locale.requested locale list to replace general.useragent.locale" to SeaMonkey
  • bug 1437393 Font lists in preferences are no longer grouped by font type, port asynchronous handling like bug 1399206
  • bug 1318852 Make labels of cmd_properties action-oriented and context-sensitive, e.g. "Edit Contact", "Edit List", etc.
    • "real" fix




Any other business?

  • The next meeting will be held in two weeks on Sunday November 29, 2020, 14:00 UTC (16:00 CET).