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SeaMonkey Add-on Compatibility Tracking

Starting with SeaMonkey 2.7, all add-ons that are declared compatible with at least SeaMonkey 2.1 will work out of the box ("compatible-by-default"), i.e. you do not need to install additional add-ons or change preferences to make these work. Add-ons with binary components (like Lightning and Enigmail) and special add-ons (themes, dictionaries etc.) are exceptions to the rule.

Recent Changes to This Page

Please list any major changes here (latest first, max. three visible entries, max. one entry per day and contributor)

  • 2013-08-22 David Ross Added Fontinfo to Section 1.6.
  • 2013-08-21 David Ross In Section 1.6: added info regarding BetterPrivacy (this entry corrected 2013-9-19)
  • 2012-04-07 InvisibleSmiley Moved Context Highlight to External Sources now that it is has been made compatible

General Notes

  • This Wiki replaces SeaMonkey/2.1/AddonCompat in an attempt to make the information relevant without being tied to a specific SeaMonkey version.
  • Since this is a Wiki page, anyone with an account can modify it. If you have need an add-on being checked, please add it to the Discussion page instead of this one. Thanks!
  • For each add-on, only the basic functionality has been checked.
  • Please don't make the below a table. The goal is to have this as short and easily editable as possible.
  • "AMO" means addons.mozilla.org. "xsidebar site" includes: modified / modifiedmisc / modifiedmailnews
  • Please do not add very seldom-used add-ons, themes, dictionaries etc.
  • Please double-check your findings before adding to any of the below lists.
  • When adding add-ons, please check for versions in this order:
    1. AMO (including experimental ones)
    2. external sources (versions that work without modifications)
    3. AMO versions that only need a compatibility override
    4. other versions that only need a compatibility override
    5. any versions that need SeaMonkey added to install.rdf
  • Some add-ons might be listed as compatible at AMO but not feature compatibility in the install.rdf of the XPI file. For such add-ons, AMO sends a compatibility override signal to SeaMonkey's add-ons back-end. Affected add-ons can only be installed if either an Internet connection exists or the Add-on Compatibility Reporter add-on is installed and enabled. However, add-ons that include neither SeaMonkey nor Toolkit in their install.rdf at all cannot be installed either way (bug 680845) and need to be listed under "Needs Addition to install.rdf".

Add-ons available from AMO, by SeaMonkey release version


  1. Please list the highest supported full release. Examples: 2.6a2 → 2.5, 2.8a1 → 2.7.
  2. Please list only names (except experimental versions), since versions may change.
  3. If an add-on listed in this section is compatible with a previous version of SeaMonkey, you can enable it after installing the Add-on Compatibility Reporter (ACR) add-on. (Then be sure to check that it actually works!)

2.33 (and later)

A Click on the will lead you to the Mozilla Add-on Compatibility Data Base.


Converted Version Compatible

Addon compatible after having used Firefox & Thunderbird Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey

Converted Version NOT Compatible

  • Add-on Compatibility Reporter 2.0.5 (Allows to report add-on compatibility issues): No "Report Issue" buttons shown in German Seamonkey 2.33 Build 20150308222025 on German WIN7 64bit
  • StumbleUpon 1.16 (Collects Websites matching with user's interests), seems to work fine after conversion, but suspect: weblinks from email will no longer work from email client with this converted add-on installed.

NOT compatible


2.7 and later

2.6 (+ 2.7 and later)

2.5 (+ 2.7 and later)

2.4 (+ 2.7 and later)

2.3 (+ 2.7 and later)

2.2 (+ 2.7 and later)

2.1 (+ 2.7 and later)

AMO add-ons below this line do not benefit from compatible-by-default (SM 2.7 and later).


Earlier, works with compatibility override (or with ACR)

External Sources

Please list name, version and source (plus extra info). Please check AMO for experimental versions before adding to this list. Note that starting with SM 2.8, add-ons are compatible by default, i.e. any add-on that is at least compatible with SM 2.1 or Toolkit 2.0 is compatible unless it explicitly opts out of compatible-by-default through either its install.rdf or AMO entry. The following list assumes this new compatibility checking which will soon be the default. For earlier version of SeaMonkey, you might need to install the Add-on Compatibility Reporter add-on before installing any of these add-ons.

Add-ons with Binary Components

The below provide pages specifically for users of trunk, Aurora and Beta versions.

Needs Compatibility Override

Please list name, version and source (plus extra info). Add-ons under this category are declared compatible with an older SeaMonkey version like 2.0 but should still work with newer versions.


The following need to be checked and either sorted into the above or the below lists.

Needs Addition to install.rdf

Please list name, version and source (plus extra info). See Extensions support in SeaMonkey 2 for an install.rdf modification example.

Not Yet Working (or Not Anymore)

Please list name and reason.

  • BetterPrivacy 1.68 Developer has dropped all SeaMonkey support. Lewis Rosenthal created BetterPrivacy 1.68.m which is compatible with SeaMonkey. It is available at ftp://ftp.2rosenthals.com/pub/Mozilla/Extensions/modified-for-SM-2.x/betterprivacy-1.68.m-fx+sm.xpi.
  • Duplicate Contact Manager stopped working
  • MailNews Sync needs adaptations to new add-on module handling and/or Sync changes; abandoned by author
  • Menu Editor ?
  • Orbit 3+1 theme maintainer time constraints
  • xSidebar maintainer time constraints
  • Remove It Permanently stopped working
  • Fontinfo (Font Information) No addons.mozilla.org version works with SeaMonkey. This is NOT a install.rdf issue. Neil Rashbrook tweaked Fontinfo 0.1 to work with SeaMonkey. It is at http://neil.rashbrook.org/%7B70ded480-0a45-4099-84d1-65aa1cb1575e%7D.xpi, but no effort has yet been made to make those tweaks for Fontinfo 0.2 or incorporate them into the "official" extension.


Please list only names.

  • Bookmark Indicator
  • Firefox Sync
  • Flat Bookmark Editing
  • NoSquint
  • Resizeable Textareas
  • Tab Scroll Wheel
  • Tabs Open Relative