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Thoughts on a replacement for the currently bundled add-on debugQA.

Replace bundled add-on "debugQA"

The Problem

Many parts of the existing add-on "" are outdated, no localization, no Help contents does exist. Add-on causes problems in l10n builds

The Plan

Drop the old add-on, create a new one or create SeaMonkey code for still useful functions of the add-on.

Project Details


  1. Create a minimum concept for a new DebugQA2 (can be done within few days on the Wiki) includig a decision whether this should be an add-on again or whether the function should be included into the SeaMonkey code. Solution with an add-on might have the advantage that that can be used optionally as an alternative for DebugQA.
  2. Start work on replacement for DebugQA
  3. Drop DebugQA from SeaMonkey bundle, but make it available on AMO. I (Rainer Bielefeld) would at least mention that in my subsidiary Release Notes on the unofficial blogs, if information does not find it's way to the official release notes.
  4. Add ready parts of DebugQA2 to SeaMonkey step by step.


  •  ?

Possible Sticking Points

  1.  ?


(Please liave your signature behind your idea)

  • DebugQA2 needs Help contents
  • We should immediately start with a localization

Rejected Ideas


Project Members

  • Again I am going to do some QA work for SeaMonkey (started to do when it still was mozilla 0.x).

I am a software engineer, designer and service engineer for building automation (heating, ventilation, clima), my main interest in the SeaMonkey project is quality assurance, where I see my main skills. I have no programming skills for programming languages used for seaMonkey.: Translations for German Localization

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  1. Currently: see -ToDos
Order of actions
  1. Currently: see -ToDos


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